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Distribution partners sought for educational game board for children

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A Belgian SME specialised in conception and design of educational tools/games for children to develop dexterity and logical thinking is looking for long-term distribution services agreement of its educational games.

Offer description

The small Belgian sme was founded by two school teachers. Their goal is to invent and design educational materials/tools responding to the requests and questions of the children and the teachers. Thanks to their experience in teaching, in pedagogy and research in educational sciences, and their passion for games they managed to combine education and fun and turn it into fun moments. The company created an educational/ game board for learning multiplication tables in logic of creativity, independence, but also pleasure. The process of learning and development of the children foster dexterity, logical thinking, and association of numbers. So far, 2 versions of the game have been developed, one for young child under 5 and one for older child from 5- 12. The educational game is designed to be appealing to play and use. The game is made of a natural wooden box. The box contains a game board, wooden dices of different style, painted wood pieces/counters in different colours, PVC cards and cotton bags. They have experience on the Belgian and Luxemburg market and they are accredited by Educational Department in Luxembourg. The content of the game has been translated into four languages: French, Dutch, English, and German. However the sme is willing to expand its geographical presence and is therefore looking for business partners that would be interested in distributing the games at a larger scale, in school or in dedicated (e)-shops.

Innovations and advantages

The game has the following aims: - encourage children to discover shape, colours and numbers - test their memories, improve their skills - Enhance and raise awareness of key skills including imagination, creativity and confidence in maths Moreover, the game will allow children to : - actually touch the tables with fingers, because multiplicaion tables“live” all around us - have coomplementary representations of the different combinations - realise that behind that, there is an x-axis and a y-axis - help children to handle things Above all because when it comes to times tables, there are children who have the right not to be totally put off! Regarding the technical aspects: - Usage of eco-friendly materials (the game is made of a natural wooden box that contains a game board, wooden dices of different style, painted wood pieces/counters in different colours, PVC cards and cotton bag) - Effective quality control system - The products are evaluated according to the EU Directives

Technology keywords

11002 Education and Training
11007 Sports and Leisure

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07001002 Amusement and recreational facilities
07001003 Toys and electronic games
07005004 Education and educational products and materials

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Area of partner's activity

The sme is looking for companies already dealing with distribution of games. The business partner should be interested in long-term distribution services agreement.


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