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Distribution partners for Austrian biomass power plant sought.

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An Austrian engineering and manufacturing company of biomass power plants with a novel, protected gasification process to produce combined heat, power and high-quality charcoal based on low quality wood chips, wants to extend its distribution network and is looking for partners within and outside Europe.

Offer description

An Austrian SME has developed a biomass power plant for decentralized supply of combined heat, heat and high-quality charcoal from low quality wood chips. The high efficiency biomass power plant is based on a novel (patented) gasification technology that transforms the tar into fuel gas within the gasification process itself. Further the unique design of the gasifier itself allows a high fuel-flexibility comparable to fluidized-bed systems. The system is designed to provide renewable power at competitive production costs. Further it provides base load heat for e.g. district heating grid, industrial processes or for food industry. The by-product charcoal can be used as activated carbon, as soil enhancer or for producing BBQ briquettes. The Austrian based engineering company offers turnkey plants and a comprehensive project support. The company is looking for distribution partners that are already engaged in the energy sector. Ideally the partner is also able to perform maintenance and service work. The aim of a distribution services agreement is to expand the distribution network within and outside Europe. So far, the company is already active in Austria and other German speaking countries/regions in the proximity.

Innovations and advantages

The plant enables a resource-conserving and sustainable generation of energy, detached from traditional forms of energy supply. The main advantage of the biomass power plant is its fuel flexibility. In combination with it's almost tar free producer gas, operating costs can be kept low while efficiency can be maxed. Such an high efficiency is unique below 500kW! The required wood chips or other kind of sawmill by-products are not only an economical fuel, but also renewable and climate-neutral. Compared to other biomass power plant providers, the used wood chips can be of low quality. Due to very low process temperatures around 800°C the technology has also a high potential in utilizing residues as fuel instead of wood chips. Further the plant produces a high quality charcoal instead of a solid residue, which can be recycled in other industries like agriculture for cultivating the soil.

Market application codes

06003009 Biomass and Biofuels

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Type of partner sought

Type of partner sought: Primarily manufacturer and/or maintenance and repair service provider of energy production facilities, interested in expanding its product portfolio. Potentially also property developers, planning offices or consulting engineers interested to act as general contractor. The distribution partner should have market access especially to the utility companies. Fundamental communication in English assumed. Role of partner sought: Playing a role of distribution partner and expanding business opportunities with end-users in the market of biomass power plants. The partner should provide a good and efficient customer service, especially after sales service. Ideally, the partner is also able to perform maintenance and repair services (e.g. maintenance of gas engines). Accompaniment and joint implementation of the first projects guaranteed. Training and education in service, maintenance and repair of the plants are offered.


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