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Distribution partners and investors are sought for icelandic glacial spring water in "bag-in-boxes"

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German SME that is active as a manufacture of mineral waters is looking for partners. The SME is a specialist for glacier water from Iceland and produces a bag-in-box water product for the consumer market. The water has several unique selling prepositions. Partners are sought for a commercial agency agreement or a distribution services agreement for outside of the EU. Partners are also sought for a financial agreement.

Offer description

The German company was founded in 2012 in the sector of mineral waters. Afore, the owner of the company was working for logistic companies since 1991. In 2013 an exclusive agreement was signed and now the company is able to decant up to 1,2 Mio tons of Icelandic water per year. An option for more tons is part of the contract. The SME nowadays is distributing the water from Iceland. The water is transported from Iceland to Germany and there the company fills the water into bag-in-box packages. The design concept of the box has an integrated vitop-tap that protects the water from microbes and additional air. The water has the following indicators: - Alkaline value of pH 8.8; - Low mineralization and extremely clean; - Water with high age and natural filtering through volcanic rocks; - The water has a chemical H3O2-structure and thus is identical to the structure of human cell water. One potential target group is people with acidity problems or fitness facilities. The water regulates the acid-base balance and neutralises pyrosis and muscle soreness. The company is looking for partners that are interested in the arrangement of a commercial agency agreement, a distribution services agreement or a financial agreement.

Innovations and advantages

- Good water for sports (based on a scientific study – more oxygen in the blood and more than 8% higher performance in sports) - Best available packaging for water (the bag is produced in a clean room according to medical standards); - Eco-friendly packaging; - Lower costs for transport compared to bottles (20% lower CO2-emissions) - The water may be delivered in hot areas and the water may be used as drinking water without purification; - The water bag is additive-free and has a special film, which prevents that emollient and any other additives reach the water; - The water is durable for four weeks, after opening a package of bag-in-box water.

Technology keywords

08002003 Safe production methods

Market application codes

07002001 Drug stores
07002005 Other retailing
07003002 Health food
07003003 Soft drinks and bottling plants
09003004 Distributors, imports and wholesalers

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Area of partner's activity

Distribution services agreement & commercial agency agreement: Activity: Retail, Wholesale, Import, Trade, Organic Shops Type: SME Role: Distribution with sales commission outside of the EU Financial agreement: Activity: Investment sector Type: Private investor, equity fund, venture capital or business angles Role: Participation in the company with up to 20% or an investment within the framework of a silent partnership. The money will be mainly used for marketing projects. The potential partners should be already established in the sectors health, wellness/sports, or the ecological food sector.


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