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Distribution agreements for 100% edible verrines

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A Belgian company, active in the production of edible verrines, is looking for distributors or commercial agency agreements all around the world. The edible verrines, made from natural recipe based on potatoes, are suitable for any type of products and are available in different and original shapes. The products are ecological, including the packaging, made from recycled cardboard. Indeed, in comparison with paper or plastics verrines, the edible ones allow to reduce the waste production.

Offer description

A Belgian company, active in the production of edible containers, is looking for partners for the importation and distribution of these products worlwide. The project was launched by the company in 2013 in order to cope with the huge amount of waste or dishwashing generated by dinner receptions, whatever the size. Indeed, the products offered for distribution allow to finish a reception dinner without any paper or plastic plates or any dishes to wash. Concretely, the company has created verrines that users can eat with the content. They are made from a natural recipe based on potatoes and water. They are gluten-free. Their taste is 100% neutral, so they can be filled with sweet as well as salty ingredients such as mousse, chocolate cake minute, salmon guacamole, lentils, tabbouleh, etc. The range includes various shapes and various kinds of products. Actually, the cook can choose to serve the recipe in tulip, spoon, lotus or boat verrines formats. He can also choose 'ready to be filled' or 'do-it-yourself' verrines. In this case, a mounting plan is included in the package. One verrine contains 3,7 kilocalories and has a moreover 4 centilitres capacity. Its dimensions oscillate between 6x4,5x2,5 centimeters and 7x7x2,5 centimeters. The products are delivered as kits of 25 assembled edible verrines which come with a recipe from a Chef as well as a user guide, all in a recycled cardboard packaging. Until today, the products were sold in Belgium, in France and in Luxemburg but, today, after having increased its production capacities, the company is ready to meet a larger demand. At this end, the idea of the company is to find partners, all around the world, ready to distribute the products, within the frame of distribution agreements, and/or represent the products among potential distributors in its territory, within the frame of commercial agency agreements. The distributor should be active in mass-market retailing or active as wholesaler for delicatessen shops, biological and organic food shops, hôtels, restaurants, coffee shops, etc.

Innovations and advantages

The products are: - easy-to-use - suitable for any type of food - ecological (waste reduction, recycled packaging, made from potatoes by-products, etc.) - quality products with long shelf - available in various and original shapes - customizable (it's possible to add a logo company)

Market application codes

07002005 Other retailing
07003002 Health food
07005002 Other restaurants
08004004 Other pollution and recycling related

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Area of partner's activity

Partnership sought: Commercial agency and/or distribution agreements Type: Detailers, wholesalers Activity sector: Mass-market retailing, delicatessen shops, biological and organic food shops, hôtels, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. Role: The partner should be, as distributor, interested in distributing the products described above and shown in attachment. As commercial agency, the partner should be interested in representing the products among potential distributors in its territory.


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