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Distributers sought for exoskeleton that relieves forces on the back and muscles, in lifting and handling jobs.

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A Dutch company developed an exoskeloton that supports the body in lifting tasks, for employees in the logistics, industry and healthcare. The exoskeloton reduces the load on muscles and joints with 90%. It helps to reduce work related deseases and improves productivity. The company is looking for distributers throughout Europe. The company aims to find companies that have a market in exoskelotons and personal safety equipment, for cooperation in the frame of a distribution agreement.

Offer description

The Dutch company that invented and developed this exoskeloton, has a long history of product development with expertise in motion technology and -research. The company develops mechanisms that enable effortless movements of products. The core of these mechanisms are the possibility to capture motion energy, for examble in spring systems. The company has several scientific publications and patents on its name in this field of expertise. The exoskeloton offered in this profile, can be compared with a chest support that moves with the user. Whichever way you want to bend over or lean, you will always get support from this chest support. The exoskeloton guides all the forces from the chest to the legs. The mechanism works as a lever, reducing the force from muscles and vertebra to a as little as 10% on the chest. This means that every time there is pressure on the chest, the back is relieved.

Innovations and advantages

Compared to prevailing techniques, this exoskeloton is non-motorized, and therefore lightweight. - it is the only product that is approved as a medical device class 1 (for revalidation purposes). - it is the only one that is easy to wear, with means it supports the lifting motion, but does not cause obstructions in other movements. - It is the only exoskeloton that is available on a large scale, for an affordable price. The company behind the exosksloton has a strong track record in engineering on reduction of muscle forces. They are eager and open to develop new solutions, in case the distributer sees new opportunities in other sectors or other types of support.

Technology keywords

02007019 Lightweight materials
06001020 Physiotherapy, Orthopaedic Technology
10001002 Assessment of Environmental Risk and Impact
11001 Socio-economic models, economic aspects

Market application codes

05003006 Other therapeutic (including defibrillators)
05006 Anatomy, Pathology, Immunology, Physiology
05010003 Patient rehabilitation & training
08003007 Other industrial equipment and machinery

Intellectual property rights

Granted patent or patent application essential

Comments, number and date of patent

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Area of partner's activity

Type of partner sought: distributer with a large client network in industry, logistics and/or healthcare Specific field: exoskelotons, lifting aids, personal safety products Role of partner: distribution of the product, feedback of future client needs.


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