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Delivery of complex solution of renovating / reconstructing rails by resurfacing

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A Czech private limited company specialized in the delivery of a complex solution of renovating / reconstructing rails by resurfacing, is looking for distributors.

Offer description

A Czech private limited company specialized in delivery of complex solution of renovating / reconstructing rails by resurfacing is looking for distributors. The company production comprises of the equipment for resurfacing of tramway curves and for resurfacing tramway crossings / railway frogs. Their mobile workshop offers all facilities necessary to perform resurfacing of high carbon steel by automatic submerged arc welding without pre-heating. Technology of automatic submerged arc welding is outstanding because resurfacing is performed without preheating and the hardness attained in the weld deposits correspond with the hardness of the base material of rails and it is also possible to attain higher hardness if the situation calls for. By setting welding parameters in combination of filler material and flux it is possible to carry out highly productive reconstruction of head, lateral surface, curves and straight sections regardless length of all types of rails manufactured as per standard UIC860V while acquiring high quality weld deposits with parameters close to the original material and in observance of geometrical precision and original shape of rail head. This relates to a continuous process with minimum effect of human failure. Their product is designed to reconstruct / resurface rail surface by progressive technology of automatic sub-merged arc welding without preheating. This primarily deals with resurfacing of worn tramway curves, or even preventive resurfacing to attain increased resistance to wearing. The concept of the equipments enables to perform reconstruction of rail surface at site, without dismantling. The integrated technological workshop, of which the resurfacing equipment is a part, with its technical and technological facilities enables to perform all kind of reconstruction work of rail surface even at night hours and minimize closure time for track repair. Their product provides all necessary facilities for resurfacing / reconstruction of rail surface at all conditions. The mobile container serves as an independent workshop for resurfacing and at the same time is a carrier of all technological aspects. With its design it enables its transportation to the place required as on road ( flat truck, special container carrier eg. T815 2PR 5) so on railway (flat bogie). At site it enables reconstruction work on track surface independent of external sources and when required even at night thereby reducing closure time to a minimum. It complies with all safety and fire regulations and it is approved for transportation on road and railway.

Innovations and advantages

- Comprehensive resolution of rail resurfacing with technological background allowing repair work independent of external power supply. - Multiple cost reduction of rail resurfacing and the possibility of repeated repair. - New patented technology of submerged arc welding without preheating. - Weld hardness corresponds to that of the rail. In addition, higher hardness can be achieved, if required. - Any rail surface can be repaired while the geometric shape of original rail is kept.

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08003007 Other industrial equipment and machinery

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Area of partner's activity

The company is looking for reliable, well connected small and medium partners within this market-sectors in their specific regions for distribution of the company products. They will support their partners to come in the market with the company's own products; with training of employees and with first-hand-assistance for planning and assembly, and all technical support. The desired outcom of the international partnership is long term cooperation and distribution services agreement.


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