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Database with intelligence on future space missions for space supply chain, looking for clients in the frame of a services agreement

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A Dutch start-up developed an online database that contains reliable, independent and up-to-date information about future space missions. The database can be queried for parameters like geography, user segment, purpose/application, launch-date, launcher type, satellite class and satellite orbit type. The company is looking for companies that contribute to space missions, to buy their necessary information for own use, from the database in the frame of a services agreement.

Offer description

The founder of this Dutch startup has a track record in the Dutch Space scene. He found out that there is a lack of good intelligence of future space missions. That made him develop an online database that contains reliable, independent and up-to-date information about future space missions. The database provides an up-to-date overview of future space missions. The providers of the database follow the global space industry on a daily basis from close range by all channels possible: websites, social media and personal networks. The result is reliable, independent and up-to-date intelligence about future space missions for business developers and policy makers/analysts. The database can be searched by selecting a wide variety of parameters, e.g. country/region of mission owner, user segment, satellite orbit type and many more. (see example of input screen in the images section) After setting you query parameters, hitting the search button will provide you with the number of space missions that fullfill your search query parameters. The results can be obtained in an excel sheet that matches with your search criteria. (see example of typical excel output in the images section). The Excel output file of your search query contains in each row a record from the database. The columns in the Excel file represent the full characteristics of each record. The output file contains all available information, for example the space mission names, payload description, dry mass of satellite and many more. The user pays for the number of missions that their query will produce. At an increasing number of missions the extra price per mission decreases. For clients that also offer valuable input information, discount codes are made available to obtain the next database search for a discounted price. The company is looking for clients, most likely industrial companies in the space supply chain, that need this intelligence to plan their future product- and technology roadmap, to cooperate in the frame of a services agreement.

Innovations and advantages

Currently, it is impossible to find an overview of all future space missions in one place. There exists no competing offer. For companies in the space mission supply chain, this means that alternatively they have to do all the research themselves for all different space agencies in the world. This is time consuming and not very accurate. With this new database, companies can find the intelligence they are looking for in one place. The entrepreneur behind this database has a strong track record in space and a worldwide network. But being a startup, he is eager to develop intelligence solutions together with his clients. For example the business modell is based on platform thinking and intelligence exchange, by offering discount codes for clients that also offer valuable input.

Technology keywords

01004003 Applications for Transport and Logistics
02011005 Space Exploration and Technology

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08005 Other Industrial Products (not elsewhere classified)

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Area of partner's activity

Type of partner sought: companies in manufacturing and services, with own R&D which requires pro-active development for future projects. Field of activity: space missions. e.g. parts of satellites, launchers, spacecrafts. propulsion systems, on-ground equipment. Role of partner: buy the service of the offered information directly from the database.


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