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Data-driven knowledge-based platform for assessment and management of risk in international projects offered for licensing by Portuguese softwarehouse

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A Portuguese company has developed a knowledge-based platform for risk management in international projects. The solution extracts and semantically links information contents from different information systems across and outside an organization to provide users with a wealth of meaningful information, thus improving risk estimation and decision-making in projects with international dimension. The solution may be licensed to companies providing internationalization consultancy services.

Offer description

Since knowledge has become the cornerstone of every business, knowledge management throughout project life cycle is a challenge project-oriented organizations must be up to. Indeed, even though projects are unique, project-oriented organizations are not supposed to reinvent the wheel every time they embark on a new project. Through efficient knowledge management, project-oriented organizations can retain learning lessons to feed into future projects and make project management more efficient as well. The latest developments in technology have made this management easier, but, on the other hand, have made companies plunge into a sea of unintelligible and possibly incomplete data. This Portuguese software house has developed a knowledge-based platform for risk management of projects - in particular, of projects with international dimension - thus becoming a useful tool not only for organizations providing consultancy services on internationalization but also for companies planning and running several complex projects in many and very distinct sites overseas. Embedding state-of-the-art data extraction and enrichment technologies and linked open data principles, the developed solution has been built upon a network information model which allows users to ask simple questions to assess the risk dimension of an international project by gaining access to a wealth of intelligible and added-value information, extracted and meaningfully integrated from multiple and heterogeneous sources, including the company’s own information systems but also the web and open data sources. The developed solution goes beyond other knowledge-based systems - it takes advantage of representation rather than of data processing techniques to transform the knowledge generated throughout a full project life cycle data (and semantically combined with other internal and external data) into new problem-solving knowledge. Developed under a regional R&D programme, the solution has been successfully tested and first implemented in a large Portuguese engineering group with strong international presence and a dedicated Risk and Project Management Department. It has been receiving very positive market feedback since then. The company is interested in licensing the solution to different partners from intermediary organizations to end-users: - Intermediary organizations, namely, organizations providing consultancy or advisory services on internationalization. - End-users, i.e., organizations lacking a data-driven solution to plan and manage several complex projects with strong international dimension. In both cases, the Portuguese company is fully available to cooperate in the identification of the best strategies to implement the developed solution in the end customer. The solution accommodates different business models.

Innovations and advantages

The solution: - Data-driven and decision-making support tool based on a networked information model which takes advantage of open and corporate data to provide organizations with an intelligible project-related knowledge and self-incremental organizational memory base which facilitates assessment and management of risk in international projects throughout their life cycle; - Very intuitive and easy-to-use tool: users are asked to write down in the system simple questions about a project - mimicking free natural language - to quickly 1) learn what lessons taken from previous projects can be carried over to the new project, 2) assess potential risks of developing a project in a given geographical market or 3) learn the core cultural aspects of that market to leverage project success. Returned results are shown to the user in a meaningful way, thus making the decision-making process sounder and more efficient; - Embeds state-of-the-art data extraction and enrichment tools and methods and Linked Open Data principles; - Developed under a joint R&D project, co-funded by ERDFs, the solution was successfully tested, validated and implemented in one of the largest engineering corporate organizations in Portugal, with strong international presence and a dedicated risk and project management department; - Available in English. The company behind the solution: - Software house with more than 15 years of experience and a dedicated R&D group with core competencies in the following domains: semantic platforms and linked open data; - Agile programming techniques; - A comprehensive customer base which includes clients from the telecommunication, public administration, manufacturing and health sectors; - A Microsoft-certified partner; - Has recently acquired a Portuguese software company specialized in document dematerialization and e-billing; - Invited company in national and international technical committees for standardisation.

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01003010 Databases, Database Management, Data Mining
01003013 Information Technology/Informatics
01003015 Knowledge Management, Process Management

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02007008 Business and office software
09003005 Consulting services

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Area of partner's activity

The Portuguese company is looking for: - companies providing internationalization consulting services which can use the tool to deliver a better service to their clients by giving them access to a wealth of meaningful information for improved assessment, planning and management of international projects. Preferably, these companies should have expertise in information systems management and IT competencies. - end-user organizations with a portfolio of complex international projects which can also use the solution on their own as long as they have the competencies or adequate resources to parametrize themselves the key internal and external information sources (eg.: risk and project management office; IT Department). Mode of cooperation preferred is that of a licensing agreement. Partners sought are expected to either provide consulting services on internationalization or manage themselves a portfolio of rather complex geographically dispersed projects. Therefore, the Portuguese software house is targeting either consulting entities or organizations with international projects (SMEs, large firms, multinational groups, etc.) to license the developed solution. A good degree of knowledge in information systems management and IT competencies are required in both cases.


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