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Danish geoscience software provider seeks partners and resellers under license agreement

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A Danish geoscience software supplier is offering partnership opportunities for distribution of 3D geological modelling software under a licensing agreement. The software is targeted at building regional scale 3D geological models, and has a strong set of tools incorporating geophysical data directly in the modelling workflow. The value proposition to the end user is unique in its segment, offering a common platform for exchanging geodata throughout the value chain in geo-data management.

Offer description

Founded in 2002, the Danish company behind the business opportunity offered is highly experienced and specialised within the field of geo-spatial solutions and geoscience. The company is AAA rated, well managed and well respected with an ongoing organic growth within its market niche. The company provides a suite of software solutions to customers in both Europe, USA and in South East Asia, and consultancy services through a team of competent and seasoned specialists consisting of PhD level geoscientists, computer scientists, mathematicians and GIS (Geographical Information Systems) experts. The business opportunity offered is a partnership and reseller opportunity for the portfolio of geoscience software suite developed by the company. This includes a 3D modelling software and a connected online platform for distributing geodata and models. The 3D software is especially well suited for large scale groundwater mapping and modelling. It is highly recognised and has been used worldwide by geoscientists in both private industry and public institutions, especially in connection with airborne surveys and groundwater mapping. Through the Danish company's partner programme, partners can be offered access to free, online training to support customers, access to free marketing materials for supporting sales efforts and there is a possibility for certification. Furthermore, good partners can have the possibility to shape the future of the Danish company's software portfolio and will have both direct access to the Danish company's team of consultants and developers and access to leading edge technologies being developed in the company's highly ambitious R&D programme. The company is looking for companies working already in the GIS and geoscience sectors, who can operate as resellers under a licensing agreement, making a profit margin on the license sales and providing back-up and supplementary consultancy to regional clients.

Innovations and advantages

The software suite has a highly competitive value proposition to its end users: • Full 3D high performance visualisation of data and geological model. • An integrated environment with connected GIS maps, 3D views and 2D cross-sections. • A set of new, groundbreaking modelling tools, including an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based “auto picking” functionality for airborne EM data, not available in other software packages. • Import and export functionalities for a wide range of data formats. • An additional, integrated online model and data repository, enabling direct sharing of data and results. • A web interface for a connected, organisation specific geodata portal, including administrative tools for the end user organisation. • A “ready to go” package deal for large organisations, like private water utilities, mining or engineering companies or public institutions like geological surveys, municipalities or local government. Compared with existing software suites, the integration of data with models through a shared platform is unique in its market niche, which, combined with an aggressive pricing structure, constitute a highly competitive proposition to the end user.

Market application codes

02002008 3D
02007008 Business and office software
02007010 Education software
02007014 Other industry specific software
02007017 Expert systems

Preferred countries

Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of, Mexico, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA

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Area of partner's activity

A partner is an established provider of geoscience or GIS services in his/her area. He/she has a close relation to his/her customers and is seeking to broaden his/her portfolio of services. A partner will have access to act as reseller in his/her area selling licenses with a markup. A partner will further have the possibility to expand his/her service portfolio with training and consulting services, targeting customers in his/her area. From the Danish company's end, it will be make sure a partner has received the training he/she need, and the Danish company may even supply a partner with both course materials and templates for use in his/her business.


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