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Czech company from the nutraceutical industry offers innovative ingredients for manufacturers of dietary supplements or cosmetics

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Czech innovative company active in nutraceutical sector specialized in research, development and manufacturing of Colostrum powder (ingredient) is looking for manufacturers of dietary supplements or cosmetics to offer this innovative product. The company active in worldwide market with innovative products based on Colostrum ingredient is interested in cooperation under manufacturing agreement.

Offer description

The Czech innovative pharmaceutical company researches, develops and manufactures innovative affordable multicomponent excipients and Colostrum products. Their production range includes Colostrum sticks, Colostrum sachets, Colostrum capsules and Colostrum cosmetics. The company is looking for manufacturers of dietary supplements or cosmetics to offer innovative Colostrum powder (ingredient) applicable in their products. Research and development company team is prepared to develop new product concepts and formulations for their customers using their natural muticomponent and multifuctional excipients, reflecting demand of the market. They are also developing innovative and very attractive Colostrum finished products. Advanced grades of offered products contain natural or semi natural ingredients that modify the pharmacokinetics of active ingredients. Only verified and excellent quality raw materials are used in production of products and in manufacturing process, to fulfill high quality standards of manufactured multicomponent excipients. Quality system of the company covers the approval of new suppliers, the manufacturing process supply chain through warehousing and the transportation of the goods to their customers. Manufacturing facility meets all prevalent global quality standards and the quality manuals and other quality records are available for inspection to our customers. The company develops and offers unique range of fully biodegradable native, ready-to-use multicomponent excipients for nutraceutical oral dosage forms. Product portfolio includes: - granulates that are one-step excipients for nutritional dosage forms such as tablets; - excipients of food quality that are ready-to-use, simply add to customers active ingredient and compress their tablets - Colostrum powder - innovative Colostrum finished products such as food (various types of Colostrum sticks, Colostrum sachets - into yoghurt or water, different types of Colostrum capsules - standard solution, Healthy chocolates with Colostrum) and Colostrum cosmetics. Offered products save precious time of their clients on developing, analysing and blending and can be used in wide range of final products such as: food supplements – capsules, chewing tablets, sachets; sports nutrition; cosmetics; healthy chocolates or animal food supplements. The sought partner is manufacturer of dietary supllements or cosmetics that could use offered products in its production. The company offers the cooperation under manufacturing agreement.

Innovations and advantages

Colostrum is the first food that mammals receive as infants through maternal milk and contains biologically active substances, vitamins and antibodies that fundamentally influence the immunity and consequently also the healthy development of an individual. It is a rich source of immunoglobulins with the natural ability to increase the immunity and strengthen the immune system against viruses, bacteria, fungi. Beneficial use of colostrum brings the benefits functionally throughout the whole life. Colostrum helps to put back the demonstration of ageing process. Advantages of offered colostrum powder from original producer: - high quality colostrum powder, - traceable history of the product – production in approved plant GMO free - production of powder: by lyophysilation or spray drying - guaranteed content of immunoglobulins - whole or skim quality - vacuum packaging of powders Customized product and instantized quality is offered. Thanks to its composition and functions Colostrum has got very beneficially supporting effects on the human organism. Colostrum obtains very significant complex of substances: - immunoglobulins (belongs among the most important immune substances in the organism) - growth factors (the growth factor IGF-1 is an insulin – like substance, thanks to which cells can grow and regenerate. Factors TGF-A and TGF-B support the regeneration of the muscle tissue and the reconstruction of the RNA and DNA molecules). - lactoferrin – belongs among the most important antibacterial, antifungal and antivirotic substance. It maintains the balance of the immune system and it prevents the autoimmune diseases. - enzymes – are essential for the good quality function of the intestinal tract and for efficient digestion. - vitamins and minerals – colostrum obtains the great range of important vitamins and minerals which act against viruses, bacteria and fungi - contains 26 types of different amino acids

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for manufacturing partners from cosmetics and dietary supplements sector to use their innovative products and supplements in their production. The company can provide partners with technical assistance at the beginning of cooperation.


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