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Cypriot frozen foods manufacturer seeks agents or distributors

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A Cypriot company specialized in the production of frozen foods, particularly pies, pastas, pizzas and cakes is looking for agents and distributors from abroad in order to represent and sell its products in their countries.

Offer description

The Cypriot company, which is established in 1986, is a pasta and bakery workshop. It is specialized in the production of frozen pies (such as olive pies, cheese pies, sausage pies, etc), pastas (such as ravioli, tortellini), pizzas (like margarita, special, mediterranean), dough crepe, packed products like Danish pastry (such as currant-pies, traditional cakes), and pre-cooked dishes like moussaka, cannelloni, lasagne pasta, etc. The company has its own production facilities. It is provided with large warehouses, cooling chambers, modern equipment, air conditioning facilities where the manufacturing and packaging of products take place, internal accounting etc. During all the years of its experience, the Cypriot company had the pleasure and opportunity to cooperate with several governmental and non-governmental organisations but also with private companies like small and large supermarkets, hotels, and restaurants. The company will provide the potential partner with catalogues, description of products (ingredients), conservation, necessary certificates at no cost to enhance the sale’s efforts of the potential partner. Also, it will keep the potential partner informed about new products. The Cypriot manufacturer is looking for trade intermediary services. Hence, it is looking for commercial agents and trading companies supplying local retail chains with frozen foods to act as agents and distributors in order to represent and sell the Cypriot company’s products in Europe and beyond.

Innovations and advantages

The Cypriot company is a family business whose goal is to get better quality products and an excellent customer service. It has almost thirty years of experience in the production of frozen pies, pastas, pizzas, dough crepe, packed products and pre-cooked foods. Also, the company is accredited with the quality assurance HACCP (2002) for hygiene and food safety.

Market application codes

07006 Other Consumer Related (not elsewhere classified)

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Area of partner's activity

The potential partner must be a commercial agent or a trading company supplying local retail chains with frozen foods. Obligations of the potential partner: - Promote the products of the Cypriot company in its territory - Be able to bid for supplies to public and large private organisations in its territory - Negotiate contacts with local companies and take orders on behalf of the Cypriot company - Process incoming orders from local companies and pass them on the Cypriot company - To maintain a level of expertise necessary to promote and service the products of the Cypriot company The potential partner should be a reliable and trustworthy company with intention of long-term cooperation. The potential partner should have a well-organised distribution network and a good clientele. Transnational cooperation of the potential partner should be preferred.


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