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Cylindrical miniature watertight force-torque sensors offered for distribution by French company

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This French SME is specialized in the development of innovative force measuring devices. It offers its cylindrical miniature watertight force-torque sensors for professionals of the nautical sector. This product allows the realization of high-precision force measurements in immersion conditions. The enterprise wants to cooperate through commercial agency and distribution services agreements.

Offer description

This French SME is steaming from research in the biomechanics field and more particularly scientific measuring instrumentation. It also delivers consultancy services and solutions for the integration of their products. It specializes in the development of equipment related to scientific force measuring. The company already works with international partners in the fields of medicine and sports, developing itself on the biomedical and bio mechanics markets. The company offers its innovative miniature watertight cylindrical force-torque sensors. The product is composed of a 1 to 6 components sensor. It can be integrated into any existing instrumentation whatever the space constraints. It measures the force applied on the sensors’ surface in immersion conditions. To meet the end users’ needs, the cylindrical sensors offer: - The possibility to directly acquire the torque effort components - The possibility to be connected to other existing sensors or measuring devices Those devices are particularly fitted for the realization of essays in immersion conditions – were simulations are often lacking accurateness. The targeted final users are therefore professionals from the nautical sector that need to realize force measurements in immersion conditions such as in careening basins. The offered device is completed by a service of customizable software interface, which allows the acquisition, display and analysis of the collected data. The company is willing to cooperate through commercial agency or distributions agreements. Potential partners should have a sound knowledge and network within the nautical sector.

Innovations and advantages

First of all, the future commercial partners will benefit from the excellent price / quality ratio offered by the enterprise. The proposed product has been developed in full appropriateness regarding the nautical market needs in terms of force measurements in immersion conditions. The miniature watertight cylindrical sensor offered is a breakthrough in the nautical industry sector, allowing high-precision force measures in immersion conditions such as careening basins where most simulations are still lacking accurateness. That is the reason why this product is very innovative in its market and addressing real needs. The miniature and watertight features of the product are very cutting-edge, thanks to high-level R&D laboratory work. It has been specially designed to allow careening basins essays, which makes it directly adaptable and operational for the nautical market. Another commercial strength of the solution is that it is delivered with the adapted customized software interface which displays directly and in real time the measurement data. Finally, an after sales service ensures a follow-up thanks to the mobility and the availability of the company’s engineers’ team.

Technology keywords

01003023 Environmental and Biometrics Sensors, Actuators
02009018 Measurement devices
06005002 Sensors & Wireless products
09001 Measurement Tools
09001009 Sensor Technology related to measurements

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03007002 Other measuring devices
05004 Medical equipment
05005016 Environmental Medicine, Social Medicine, Sports Medicine
05007 Other Medical/Health Related
08002002 Industrial measurement and sensing equipment

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Area of partner's activity

The company wishes to cooperate through commercial agency or distribution services agreements. The future partners should ideally be professionals having knowledge and a network in the nautical sports sector. The product consists of a miniature sensor (13 millimeters diameter for 5 millimeters height) allowing high-precision measure of the vertical effort applied on its superior surface – all this in immersion conditions.


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