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Customized fuel and biofuel emulsifiers for the improvement of consumption and decreasing of gases emission.

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A Spanish additives provider SME has developed an economical organic tenso-active additive package that allows the production of stable emulsified fossil and biofuel emulsions with up to 30% water, reducing fuel consumption and emission of gases. Emulsifiers for different variations of diesel and for biodiesel are offered in its product portfolio. The company is seeking manufacturing or agency agreements.

Offer description

A spanish company dedicated to the creation of emulsifiers for fuels and biofuels have developed an economical organic tenso-active additive packages that allows making, in an easy way, stable emulsified fossil and biofuels emulsions with up to 30% water, reducing fuel consumption and gases emission produced by combustion. Fuel emulsion is obtained by mechanical and ultrasound micronization process that results in micro-drops formed by the three basic elements of the product: water in the core, hydrofuel covering the water particles and finally emulsifier between both previous elements that also helps in binding them to other micro-drops. This technology is not limited to residual fuel oils, but also spans the more difficult distillate fuels such as heating and automotive diesels, kerosene and av gas (aviation gasoline), with resultant emulsions with a similar viscosity to that of the hydrocarbon based fuel and alkaline. Each user, according to his combustible, engine and needs, require doing the necessary tests to achieve the best balance between emulsion stability and engine performance, according to his interest, and this spanish company gives the further solution providing a customized emulsions, that allow enterprises and industries to get the water drop size and stability that suits their needs. The products of the company are grouped into three categories: -Emulsifier for diesel #2: For diesel industrial boilers, ships, diesel trains, generators, truck-buses engines... -Emulsifier for diesel #4, #5, #6 (Bunker): For industrial burners, boilers, two stork engines... -Emulsifier for biodiesel: For transport, industrial burners, heating facilities... Their aim is to arrange a long term relationship, through manufacturing agreement, with those enterprises, which want to improve their fuel consumption and to decrease gases emission, setting together the most appropriate emulsion and then the company would provide them. Also a commercial agency agreement for the sought of clients and ways to the market, would be welcome.

Innovations and advantages

To preserving the environment, this clean fuel technology betters the economy by lowering fuel costs with proven technological process. Unlike other "alternative fuels" this clean fuel formula is easily implemented in any existing facility of hydrocarbon fuels (boilers, engines, turbines...) Also neither combustion system modifications is necessary. In fact both, mobile and static, combustion systems performances are raised on all levels. • Significant lower emissions. • Lower fuel consumption by 10% - 22% (depending on fuel, device/machine and use) • Increased engine performances in process stream and heating systems. • Substantial reduction in service cost due to the virtual elimination of fouling in the heat exchangers and burning systems.

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04003003 Liquid fossil fuel
04005003 Liquid biofuels
04008002 Fuels and engine technologies

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06001003 Drilling, completion and stimulation
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08001019 Speciality/performance chemicals

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Area of partner's activity

- Type of partner sought: SMEs, large company, industries, etc... Interested in the optimization of their combustible consumption and reduction of the related pollution. Also commercial agencies. - Specific area of activity of the partner: Industry in general, Marine engines, heavy transport, fossil power plants...etc - Task to be performed by the partner sought: Carry out the necessary tests to achieve the best emulsion and arrange a manufacturing agreement. For commercial agencies, provide support for the commercialization of fuel emulsions and clients sought.


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