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Croatian unique umbrellas offered for distribution

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Profile type: Business offer


A Croatian company, specialized in the design, production and wholesale of umbrellas and raincoats, is looking for distributors for their unique products - specially designed umbrellas, labeled with the label "Croatian quality".

Offer description

This Croatian producer and wholesaler of unique umbrellas and raincoats with a special design, is looking for partners for a distribution services agreement for their umbrellas. The objective of this cooperation is to find new markets for this unique and innovative product, therefore the need for a distributor. The umbrellas are very popular and recognized on the Croatian market, where they are currently present at over 700 locations. The production of the umbrellas began in 2011, as an anti-recession project, whose principal goal was the emloyment of workers. The products have also been recognized outside the Croatian borders and the company began to foxus on export. The specificity of the products is that they are produced in cooperation with designers or artists and that they are available in different designes – hand painted umbrellas or umbrellas made out of recycled materials. Hand painted umbrellas are made in cooperation with an academic painter, whose special connection with silk enabled her to express herself on umbrellas and other products, like scarves, clothes, etc.. Each umbrella from this collection is unique in its diversity of colors and details that can be achieved only by hand of an experienced proffesional painter. The recycled „stylish“ umbrellas designed by a Croatian fashion designer first came to life at a Fashion week 2014. Those umbrellas are imbued with tradition and futurism and represent an exclusive fashion accessory for any lady. Rich, luxurious and inspired by the aesthetics of the last century and parasols that have been protecting ladies during long summer walks… And they are entirely made from recycled materials. As a manufacturer, the company offers countless possibilities and combinations of frames, handles, position and shape of, for example, logos as well as many other details that will make an umbrella an unique gift. In case the umbrellas are used as a business gift, they represent not only the brand identity of a company, but also a product of high usage value. The umbrellas are available in two dimensions – big and foldable, with 8, 12 or 16 wires. There are seven types of handels and different colors available.

Innovations and advantages

The products are labeled with the label „Croatian quality“, which is a sign of original Croatian products, awarded by the Croatian Chamber of Economy. The company's vision is to develop products with competitive products and having that in mind, the company started the production of Croatian umbrellas. Their originality is visible through the design and special relation with Croatian artists/designers, who are engaged in the making of the final product.

Market application codes

08005 Other Industrial Products (not elsewhere classified)

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Type of partner sought

The potential business partners are distributors and suppliers working with souvenir shops, wholesale and retail sale shops that sell travel bags, briefcases, umbrellas and similar accessories. Suppliers of equipment and accessories for hotels are also desirable partners, as well as suppliers of business gift items.


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