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Corporate governance software company seeks partners

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This Portuguese company of software development, is a digital content and technology provider specialized in corporate governance and decision-making ecosystems. The company has designed and delivers a governance application. This app is an enterprise solution for hierarchical decision making workflows, modernizing the board of directors experience and supporting the decision-making process. Company is seeking commercial agency, license or distribution service agreement.

Offer description

The Portuguese company has a large experience of relationship with clients. With a long term sustainable team is actively working with boards and hierarchies on a daily basis. Its main customers are from both public and private sectors: city councils, government agencies, hospitals, universities, port authorities, financial and banking, insurance, among others. The company has developed an enterprise software product that supports hierarchical decision-making processes and board/committee/council meetings, allowing improved agility in the decision-making process, while eliminating the physical paper clutter and the logistics, time and resource consumption. The product is an app user friendly and intuitive, carefully crafted and evolving for more than a decade. It actively contributes to freeing financial and human resources that could be put to better use, while covering all aspects of the decision-making processes in organizations and conglomerates. The app out-of-box integrates nativelly with Skype for Business and Outlook. Since it is made available to users as a web site, there's no footprint on the devices and it can be accessed from any modern browser on computers, laptops, tablets and mobiles. The product provides a full management solution including: 1. Modernizing the collaboration and workplace of the relevant stakeholders in the hierarchies, reducing costs while freeing time to more relevant and value adding tasks: - employees involved in hierarchical processes; - business decision makers; - board members and top leadership team. 2. Speeding processes with faster decision-making and easier to keep-up with compliance; 3. Accessing just-in-time information; 4. Delivering transparency to the leadership on what's «going on» in the organization and what's being decided in the different hierarchies; 5. Enabling agile processes with powerful collaboration and team work; 6. Supporting multi-board/multi-hierarchies and multi-organization scenarios like corporate conglomerates; 7. Providing hierarchical relationships between multi-board/multi-organization scenarios; 8. Applying game mechanics to stimulate self-help and desired employee behaviors for increased business productivity; 9. Supporting multiple role scenarios for each individual; 10. Auditable to an extreme granular level; 11. Convenient processes implementation by configuring conditional rules without requiring coding. Some features contained in the app: 1. Proposal authoring and collaboration features 2. Workflow processes 3. Gamification features 4. Board management base features 5. Board meeting management features 6. Voting, deliberation and decision processes while in board meeting The company is now seeking a number of experienced commercial/distribution partners who will actively seek out market opportunities for these award winning and innovative governance app. The governance app will be supplied to the client by the partner under licence from the company. A commercial agency, distribution or license agreement is envisaged to expand the market and have a representation in foreign markets.

Innovations and advantages

The company is experienced in the app development industry having delivered multiple projects during the last 15 years. It has been awarded repeatedly, i.e. as a Public Administration Modernization Best Practice and with Microsoft Local and Regional Government Solutions Forum 2008 Sustainability International Award. The app is available in Portuguese, English and Spanish and it can be translated in less than 2 weeks for another language.

Current stage of development

It has been awarded as a Public Administration Modernization Best Practice and with Microsoft Local and Regional Government Solutions Forum 2008 Sustainability International Award. This product is already installed in dozens of customers. First versions of the product, were deployed in customers more than a decade ago and has been continuously evolving and improving.

Market application codes

02007001 Systems software
02007005 Communications/networking
02007007 Applications software
02007008 Business and office software
02007015 Integrated software

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Area of partner's activity

The partner should have access to the market: presence and knowledge within the private and public sector in their region. The partner should also have some technical expertise relating to software or mobile apps. The successful partner will currently be working in the software provider field and be able to incorporate this product into their range. They will have evidence of providing customer satisfaction and be in a position to introduce these products to new customers. Is expect to sign an commercial agency, license or distribution agreement.


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