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Computational fluid dynamics for aerospace, space science, automotive and other industrial sectors, is looking for services agreements

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A Dutch R&D start-up is specialized in providing flow simulation and optimization for advanced engineering of fluid mechanics: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Besides offering this as an engineering service, they also develop their own CFD tools. The company offers its expertise in flow solutions to high tech sectors such as Aerospace,space science, automotive, turbomachinery, industrial solutions and offshore. The company is interested in service agreements.

Offer description

This Dutch R&D start-up is specialized in modelling complex flow systems such as fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, heat and mass flow. They provide comprehensive and high-quality service in the field of computational fluid dynamics for complex engineering challenges. Besides using standard modelling software, they also develop their own tools and platforms. These tools and platforms are designed to describe the structure and behaviour of complex systems that can only be studied and visualized through simulation and modelling. The fields of activity of this company can be described in the following 4 activities: - subsonic, supersonic and transonic flow aerodynamics, fluid structure interaction, multiphase flow simulations - heating, ventilation and air conditioning, blower and heat transfer, turbochargers and compressors, thermal management and cooling - flow around turbine blades, wind turbine blade design and optimization, water turbines (like Kaplan, Francis) optimization, design of ship propellers - sloshing of LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) tanks, hull shape optimization based on flow patterns - simulation of combustion, compressor & turbine stage simulation automization of turbomachines The company is looking for service agreements with clients from several high tech industries such as aerospace,space science, automotive, turbomachinery, industrial solutions and offshore. The company is also open for other types of cooperation, like technical cooperation or research cooperation within a H2020 framework.

Innovations and advantages

In comparison to other CFD companies, this company works closely with leading technical universities and companies in The Netherlands and Europe, and thus always offers the newest and most sophisticated simulation technologies. Moreover, this company does not only use existing software but also develops its own - or client specific - CFD tools. This makes them a valuable partner for complex eingineering challenges.

Technology keywords

01003006 Computer Software
01003016 Simulation
02007009 Materials Handling Technology (solids, fluids, gases)
05001002 Computational Chemistry and Modelling

Market application codes

06001004 Equipment and instrumentation
08003007 Other industrial equipment and machinery

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Type of partner sought: industry, university or R&D institution that are dealing with a huge amount of data for simulation. Specific field: Aerospace,space science, automotive, turbomachinery, industrial solutions and offshore. Role of partner: Client


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