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Complete e-servicing platform for the maritime shipping industry

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A medium sized Greek company specialised in the market of maritime information and communication technology is offering the first e-servicing platform specially designed for the maritime shipping industry. Partners of any size active in maritime shipping and oil & gas as well as Port and Maritime national authorities are sought willing to sign a services agreement .

Offer description

The widespread use of electronic information and the internet are changing the world. In maritime transport, notifications, declarations, certifications and service orders are increasingly submitted and managed mainly in electronic format. A new context, digital transport, has therefore been recently emerged under which modern ICT (Information and Communication Technology) systems can provide undeniable benefits. Oriented on that, a Greek medium sized company which is a key player in the market of maritime information technology serving over 500 shipping companies world-wide, introduces the first complete b2b e-servicing platform for the shipping industry. That is based on the European Maritime Strategic Framework (EMSF) constituting basically an integrated business and social network facilitating shipping industry’s essential every day activities. In particular, registered companies can publish corporate information, share content and engage their suppliers, partners or customers, securely. Its basic features and functionalities variegate. For instance, through that platform, participating companies can expose their business profile, products and/or services and establish confidential electronic relationships with other entities of any type and sector. They can invite their partners and associates to share, endorse and collaborate. By uploading videos, and brochures, they can be also advertised at any event and create a virtual experience to all users. The latter, in conjunction with the use of peer-to-peer and 4-corner model connections enhance the collaboration among the intranet and extranet users. All the users in the platform can also execute e-services with tasks, alerts and actions following (International Standard Organisation) ISO-based standardized processes. The easy exchange of information is also facilitated as it is fully integrated with Skype for business service, providing multi participant video conference with live chat. In addition, various services are offered by that collaboration platform. More specifically, these services are specially designed mini applications running within the secure environment of the platform without keeping any sort of private information inside. Instead, a web service is installed in each of the partner’s own in-house system in order to transfer information to the collaborator. The information is therefore transferred between the linked partners in a completely secure line. In practice, the platform can provide services on two levels: - On extranet level, it can bridge any functionality by the user’s in-house back office systems within a network of trusted stakeholders. The information exchange with the suppliers, partners, agents, brokers and affiliates is therefore achieved. -On intranet level, services based on user’s internal in-house systems such as task management, project management, annual leaves, support tickets, collaboration and communication can facilitate the remote access to corporate information. The company is aiming to introduce the platform to new promising market areas related to maritime economy. More specifically, partners from maritime shipping and oil & gas industries as well as Port and Maritime national authorities willing to use the offered platform are therefore sought. The considered type of agreement is services agreement.

Innovations and advantages

The main innovations and advantages of the offered maritime platform include: -it is a safe, private and point to point network between well identified members (shipping stakeholders) -every member maintains his individuality being in full control on which information will disclose to or collect from other stakeholders -international exposure and endless possibilities are offered to the users through their connection with other trusted members -information exchanged is secure and structured and no commercial information is retained - it is actually a one-stop-shop for all shipping and oil & gas industries, providing a portal where diffusion of e-services leverages team work, outsourcing, transparency, and visibility whilst enhancing performance and profitability. -either in an intra net (between company's personnel) or in an extra net (amongst trusted partners) network, it saves time and money whilst assuring high quality of service (QoS) by transforming traditional transactions to securely offered e-services. -it caters for customers, vendors and others beyond an organization’s boundaries. This contrasts with a corporate portal which is structured for roles within an organization.

Current stage of development

The platform has been recently re-launched and is available both on Web and mobile applications (android, iOS)

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Type of partner sought

The Greek company is willing to establish services agreement with partners of any size from the fields of maritime shipping and oil & gas interested to adopt the available platform. In particular, each company should attain a unique knowhow within the maritime industry (performance, efficient, safety, quality, green shipping). Special consideration will be given to Port and Maritime national authorities that would like to adopt that platform as a B2B maritime network to facilitate regulatory compliance and offerings within their domain.


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