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Cloud-based service for monitoring and control of organization

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Slovenian company specialized in software solutions has developed a cloud-based service that helps SME companies monitor and control organization at many levels (i.e. projects, human resources, employees, education, system support needs). The main services advantages are in support of the decision-making for managers and greater efficiency of human resources. The company is looking for partners for services agreement.

Offer description

Slovenian company specialized in software solutions has developed a cloud-based service that helps companies monitor and control organization at many levels. The online tool is suitable for small, medium and large companies, which desire to monitor and control: projects, human resources, education, and system support needs of individual departments, employees and management. The monitoring and control of the organization include: • identification of the project’s critical points and responsible persons, • work management of internal as well as external contractors, • project analysis at three levels (plan, realization, invoice), • planning and monitoring the project according to work type (administration, analysis, education, testing...), • education planning and realization monitoring, • personnel effectiveness analysis, • time management of the acceptance, submission and completion of the request • business partners records • analysis: the whole review of all the important indicators of an individual module. The software solution is built on the basis of three modules: 1. Project management and service center module: Adjustable multi-levelled project organization software (group of projects, project, field, task, order, work order) enables support for all kinds of projects. Project templates enable the quick and easy creation of new projects and optimal usage of the best practices of the organization. The service center enables monitoring of all events of the project interaction, communicating with the buyer as well as within the project group (overgrowth, delivery, history). The software enables managing and updating of a common knowledge base for the contractors. 2. Monitoring the relationships with customers and employees module: The administration of any business events (call, incident, request for modification, configuration administration, meeting, business opportunity, survey, claim, ...) within the service center and in relation to the register of employees, business partners and business intelligence modules enables the key functionalities of the monitoring relationships with buyers and employees, records of their needs, desires and requirements (CRM). 3. Competence management and growth monitoring module: Competencies of employees, their planning, procurement, monitoring and management. Rewarding employees based on the basis of agreed, measurable, traceable and transparent performance parameters, resulting in a growth, enthusiasm and commitment of all employees. The main services advantages in comparison with other available services are in the support of the decision-making for the management team; accessibility of the service from a browser, smart phone or tablet computer; and reduction of environmental stress. The company is looking for partners for services agreement.

Innovations and advantages

• Accessibility: the cloud-based service can be accessible from a browser, smart phone or tablet computer • A reliable organization tool: An up-to-date check of events in the organization and an alert mechanism of set plans and goals. • A reliable decision-making tool: The application enables a quick review of key reports, which are important for correct decision-making. • Greater efficiency of human resources: regular monitoring of projects, employees, education and support to customers. • Reduction of environmental stress: the cloud-based service supports the whole solution for paper-free operations.

Technology keywords

01003006 Computer Software
01003013 Information Technology/Informatics
01003018 User Interfaces, Usability
01004005 e-Government
01004009 CRM - Customer relationship Management

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02007001 Systems software
02007002 Database and file management
02007008 Business and office software
02007013 Banks/financial institutions software
02007022 Software services

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Area of partner's activity

- Type of partner sought: SME, industry, research organisations - Specific area of activity of the partner: Companies that need IT service management in the field of monitoring and control of organization - Task to be performed of the partner sought: Implementation of the cloud-based service


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