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Classy desktop or freestanding water conditioner improving the quality of tap water

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A German company has developed a water conditioner that improves the quality of tap water by filtering it from poisonous substances (e.g. unresolved limes, chlorine, bacteria, heavy metals) and by vitalizing and enriching it with oxygen. The device is controlled electronically and available as a desktop or freestanding device (including cooling appliance) in a classy design. The company is looking for a commercial agency or distribution agreement as well as for a licensing or financial agreement

Offer description

For several years now the health awareness of people has been rising continuously and people are looking for food and beverages improving their health. In this connection tap water has become a rather popular product. However, many people still avoid it due to the increasing pollution by pesticides, herbicides, hormones etc. Therefore a German company has developed a water conditioner with a fixed connection to the water supply that improves the quality of tap water so that it becomes actually comparable to natural spring water. The device is the only water conditioner based on a combination of the three methods: Filtration by a carbon filter, energizing and swirling. The water is cleaned by 0.15µm filters from poisonous substances, unsolved limes, chlorine, bacteria, medical residues, pesticides, viruses and heavy metals. After that the filtered water is highly accelerated with a so-called spiral ball (glass bulb with rose quartz perforated disks and an accelerator from Jade) into clockwise direction. Thus the cluster molecules existing in the tap water are broken open and enriched by the supply of air over an opening in the glass body with oxygen. The device has a very classy and pleasing design and is made from high-class materials (high-grade steel, glass, polymethylmethacrylate and/or plexiglas). It is operated electronically, has got lighting in the base and is available as a desktop or freestanding device (including cooling appliance). The SME is interested in a partner licencing the product or manufacturing and commercializing it under a license. A commercial agency agreement or a distribution services agreement would also be of interest. In case of a financial agreement the partner should support the SME so that they can pre-finance the production of a firs series.

Innovations and advantages

-no back germinating of the filter, because a single magnetic solenoid valve sits directly at the water discharge opening - vitalization, filtering & turbulence treatment in one unit - a study has shown that the biological quality of the water is improved considerably -electronically controlled -available as desktop device of freestanding device -optical feedback and ‘reminder for drinking’ by LEDs -only high-quality materials are used (high-grade steel, glass, polymethylmethacrylate and/or plexiglass)

Technology keywords

05004001 Filtration and Membrane Processes
08001001 Drink Technology
10004004 Drinking Water

Market application codes

07004004 Housewares
07004008 Other consumer products
07005003 Hotels and resorts
08004003 Water treatment equipment and waste disposal systems

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Area of partner's activity

- Type of partner sought : industry - Specific area of activity of the partner: any partner interested in distributing, commercializing or investing in the product. (e.g.manufacturer or distributor of water products or water dispensers) - Tasks to be performed by the partner sought: License the product Manufacture and commercialize it in the frame of a licence agreement Act as a commercial agent or distributor and represent or sell the product. Invest in the SME that they can pre-finance the production of a firs series.


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