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Chinese company seeks distributors for PVC additives

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A Chinese company in the business of researching & developing, manufacturing and sales of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) additives is seeking distributors in Europe. It is the largest company of acrylic impact modifiers and processing aids in China. Their products are widely used in rigid products such as PVC window & door profiles, pipes, pipe fittings, sheets, foam pipes, foam sheets, wood-plastic composites films.

Offer description

This Chinese company was established in 1994. It is a state-level hi-tech enterprise with over 400 total staff and employees. The leading products of the company are: acrylic impact modifiers, acrylic processing aids, impact modifiers MBS (mathacrylate butadiene styrene) resin and medium and ultra-high MW (melocular weight) acrylic processing aids , impact modifier CPE(Chlorinated Polyethylene), methyl tin mercaptide , PVC (polyvinyl chloride) lubricants and epoxidized soybean oil . 1. Product description:LB series product is a grade of MBS (mathacrylate butadiene styrene) products developed with advanced synthetic resin technology, ternary copolymerized by methyl methacrylate(M), butadiene(B) and styrene(S). It is an integrated resin for improving impact strength and processing performance of pvc products. 2. Product description:LS series impact modifier is a weatherable acrylic impact modifier used in rigid pvc products. It is a "core -shell" structure modifier, with cross-linked poly butyl acrylic as "core"and graft methyl methacrylate as "shell". It not only improves impact resistance performance of the product, but also increases the surface gloss of the product, and especially the weatherability of the product. It is especially suitable for outdoor products and broadly used in pvc profiles, sheets, boards, pipes, pipe fittings, etc. 3. Product description:LP series lubricating processing aids are lubricating processing aids with a unique function, suitable for all pvc products such as sheets, film, bottles, profiles, pipes, pipe fittings, foam sheets, etc. 4. Product description:Processing aids LS series products are high molecular weight polymers developed by this company using advanced polymerization technology and drying techniques. These products can improve pvc gelation, fusion fluidity and processing performance and are broadly used in pvc profiles, sheets, pipes, pipe fittings and foam products. The company are looking for related chemical manufacturers or distributors from overseas who need products in PVC processing aids、impact modifier or CPE industry for distribution cooperation.

Innovations and advantages

1. The company has a special research institute for polymer materials and has built up an R & D team with good innovation consciousness, strong exploitation capability, rich professional knowledge and solid fundamental knowledge. 2. The company has deepened internal management, set up strict quality control systems, and passed the ISO9001:2000 certification in 2001. In july 2011, the company was listed on the GEM board of shenzhen stock exchange. 3. The company based on its products' good performance and stable quality, timely and accurate information feedback, perfect after-sale-service systems and well-organized operations, the company has won confidence and support from customers since production began. It's products are sold, and have performed well in the domestic market and have been exported to international markets in Asia, Europe and America and so on.

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The company are looking for related chemical manufacturers or distributors from overseas who need products in PVC processing aids、impact modifier or CPE industry for distribution cooperation.


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