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Catalan manufacturer seeks trade intermediaries for innovative car air fresheners

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A company from Catalonia in Spain, with more than 20 years of experience in plastic manufacturing, is looking for distributors and agents for an innovative air freshener for cars to introduce it in the retailing market including supermarkets, automotive accessories' chains, gas stations, DIY stores, car workshops, and so on.

Offer description

This Catalan company (Spain) has developed a new concept of air fresheners for cars that plugs into the car's cigarette lighter. The aromas are micro-encapsulated in solid plastic tablets. The technology of aroma micro-encapsulation is internationally patented and it is registered as European trademark. Their product is the answer for those drivers who are still seeking their ideal air freshener. The innovative electric car air freshener plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter. Their fragrances contain natural essences - 0% alcohol- and allow creating tailored aromas. Their products are commercialized in supermarkets, petrol stations, auto parts stores, car washers, hardware, and DIY shops in Europe. Their core product is the second top seller in European leader auto parts chain stores. Recently the company has increased sales in department stores, supermarket chains, and official car dealers of automotive groups. The product is very well known in the Spanish market and it is already commercialised in other countries, however they would like to continue their expansion within Europe and other third countries. Thus, they are looking for trade intermediaries (distributors, agents or representatives) for their products to introduce them in the retailing market (supermarkets, automotive accessories chains, gas stations, DIY’s, car workshops, etc.).

Innovations and advantages

The company is well-experienced and mature within their range of product, is already present in several EU markets and their products can be found in the retail and specialised shops. The product main innovative characteristics are: 1. A perfect integration into the car’s interior (aesthetics) 2. Discreetness and functionality (rechargeable) 3. Personalized fragrance creation 4. Combination of different natural scents alcohol free 5. Solid aroma tablets (micro-capsulated) 6. Safety and durability 7. Patented product and trademarked

Market application codes

07002005 Other retailing
07004008 Other consumer products
07006 Other Consumer Related (not elsewhere classified)
08002007 Other industrial automation

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Area of partner's activity

They are looking for trade intermediaries (agent, representative or distributor) that can introduce the company’s products in the retailing car accessories market: supermarkets, automotive accessories chains, gas stations, DIY’s, car workshops, etc. The main responsibilities of the distributor would be to represent the company in a given market, contact with retailers and study new sales points. The company would be supporting the distributor with materials, advise and assessment.


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