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Business facing UK university seeks partnerships with businesses in the field of cyber security, threat assessment and digital security for a services agreement

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The UK university seeks partners in business who are looking for expertise in cyber security, specifically the security of data, digital forensics, threat assessment and access control. The university can work with partners on specific projects for a services agreement.

Offer description

The department of computer science is one of the largest and most well established in the UK and is keen to develop closer partnerships with industry by offering a range of services including: • cyber security • digital Forensics The university is able to offer consulting, testing and simulation facilities as well as dedicated secure test networks. Additionally, customised training for business in cyber security and digital forensics topics is also available. The university is also happy to work with businesses to provide student resource via final year project topics in software engineering and cyber security. Facilities in the computer science department include a range of testing and simulation labs and secure networks with the latest equipment. An information security and digital forensics research centre has recently been created and there are also plans for a virtualisation laboratory. The computer science department partners with a number of academic and industry partners such as Cisco, Juniper, the linux professional institute and are members of the european cybercrime training and education group based at Europol and the internet of things security foundation. The university seeks services agreement with businesses who wish to undertake consultancy/research projects or training relating to cyber security to provide expertise the company does not have in house. The university envisages working with partners on a consultancy type basis working very closely with the partner to establish a clear brief and then to work on the delivery of the project or training to meet the brief. This could be a long term research project or a shorter specific piece of work in the field of cybersecurity. Alternatively, it could be specificially related to standard or bespoke training of key employees of the partner organisation.

Innovations and advantages

The university computer science department has a diverse range of academic staff with a broad range of experience covering many different subject areas. The academic team has experience of working with and in industry and is able to understand the business aspects of technical projects. The department has a track record of working with large multinational corporations and smaller businesses on research projects. The department also maintains very strong links with the university business school and department of engineering. The university has one of the most established computer science departments in the UK and has been rated at world-leading or internationally excellent in a recent UK government research excellence framework. The university has achieved this by focusing on quality rather than quantity. The department has a strong track record in the delivery of customised training for industry allowing businesses to train their staff to a high level in an environment specifically designed for education and with access to the latest research.

Current stage of development

The university is already working with a number of commercial organisations and law enforcement agencies in many aspects of knowledge transfer and is keen to build further relations with businesses.

Technology keywords

01003009 Data Protection, Storage, Cryptography, Security
01006005 Network Technology, Network Security

Market application codes

02006009 Other computer services
02007025 Consulting services
02007027 Other software services

Comments, number and date of patent

Intellectual property can be discussed prior to any project collaboration.

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Type of partner sought

The university seeks partnerships for a services agreement with businesses who are interested in working in the field of cyber security and digital forensics and who have a need to obtain the specialist knowledge and support the University can provide. Additionally the university would like to work with businesses that require further training in these fields or who would like to provide a suitable topic for a student final year project.


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