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Bulgarian tour operator company seeks commercial agency services

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Profile type: Business offer


For 20 years a well-established Bulgarian company is dealing as a tour operator providing holiday packages in Bulgaria to foreign clients - mainly on the Black Sea and the Bulgarian ski and spa resorts but also specialized groups and individual or business trips to Bulgaria. The company sales also tourist packages abroad to Bulgarian tourists. It is looking for commercial agency services with travel companies, agencies, tour operators, and hotels to enlarge its portfolio.

Offer description

Bulgarian family-owned tour operator company with 20 years of experience in the tourism sector specializes in incoming and outgoing travel services. It provides holiday packages, individual and business trips, summer and winter holidays, student holidays and business trips, events management and conference tourism, architectural and cultural itineraries, wine and other specialized tours, excursions and sight-seeing trips around Bulgaria, architectural and cultural itineraries. The biggest share of the company’s activities are holiday packages on the Black Sea and the Bulgarian ski and spa resorts. The company has in its portfolio a great variety of Bulgarian and foreign resorts, hotels, entertainment and spa facilities, and guarantees excellent services. The company is also representative of foreign tour operators and sales tourists packaged to Bulgarian tourists traveling to other holiday destinations. The company builds relations with its clients and partners based on a professional, reliable and honest attitude - it secures every aspect of the client's holiday or business trip including airline tickets, accommodation, transfer, and all additional services they might need. The company is looking for transnational long-term cooperation with travel companies, agencies, tour operators, and hotels specialized in outgoing and incoming tourism within a commercial agency services agreements for the following: - to find representatives of its touristic packages in Bulgaria - to become representative of foreign travel companies, agencies, and tour operators in order to enlarge its portfolio of complex services offered - to gain new partners providing specialized tourism services (hotels, restaurants, other interesting touristic services) in order to enlarge its own portfolio of services established.

Innovations and advantages

The company’s advantages are prompt and customized service, selection of only premium hotels, transport, restaurants and other service providers, reliability, maximum efficiency and attractive prices. The good experience and competence of the team of skilled employees contributes to the correct choice of travel services which meet the requirements and preferences of each client. It is also experienced to manage complicated cases with clients’ reservations. The company is successfully partnering with Russian, Romanian, the Czech Republic, UK, Italian, Hungarian, and Japanese travel companies. It has in its portfolio a great variety of resorts, hotels, entertainment and spa facilities and guarantees excellent service. It offers great Bulgarian destinations which are a unique combination of high mountains, vast plains and valleys, beautiful caves and waterfalls, impressive nature phenomena and many others beauty sites and perfect conditions for all kinds of tourists.

Market application codes

07001002 Amusement and recreational facilities
07001007 Other leisure and recreational products and services

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for trade commercial agency services agreements with new partners: - tour operators, travel agencies - interested to be represented on the Bulgarian market by the company - hotels and restaurants, architectural and cultural sites, and other interesting touristic packages providers - interested to be included in the company’s portfolio of touristic services - tour operators, travel agencies interested to promote Bulgarian touristic packages, accommodation, and other tourism services to foreign markets


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