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Bulgarian producer of specialized workwear is looking for distributors

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Bulgarian company, leading producer of workwear for normal and special conditions is looking for distributors. The company offers wide range of workwear, which comply with National, European and International standards. The company production range include labour wear, special, protective wear and uniforms. More than 700 models are classified in a collection of 10 groups. The company is looking for distribution service agreement with partners from Denmark, Norway, Russia, Poland, and Netherland.

Offer description

Bulgarian company, leading manufacturer of workwear, is now looking for distributors. The company has vast experience in international trade and already works with large American and Israeli companies. The company offers wide range of workwear which include: •High-visibility protective clothing – waistcoats, trousers, coveralls, overalls, jackets, parkas (EN 471 and EN 340); •Protective clothing for work with hand chain saw machines – jacket and trousers, coverall (EN 381-1, 381-2, and 381-5); •Protective clothing against liquid chemicals, pulverization resistant – parkas, overalls, jackets, waistcoats and ladies' coat (EN 465+A1 and 340); •Special uniform clothing – parkas, trousers , shirt (EN 340) ; •Protective clothing for welders and special protection against heat and flame – special flame-resistant clothing, welders' clothing, founders' clothing; Protective clothing for medical staff – Tunics, coats, surgical sets; •Cold protective and wet protective clothing – hunters' sets, overalls, waistcoats, sets (waistcoats, trousers, jackets, coveralls, parkas), parkas and quilted jackets (ENV 342); •Special clothing for restaurant and hotel staff – aprons, shirts, jackets, trousers, bonnet (EN 340); •Dirt protective and dust protective clothing – sweat shirts, caps, T-shirts, trousers, jackets, waistcoats, sets, overalls and coveralls, shirts, coats, aprons. The company is looking for distributors from the following countries: Denmark, Norway, Russia, Poland, and Netherland. The Bulgarian SME is looking for long term cooperation with recognised distributors with well established distribution network.

Innovations and advantages

The Bulgarian company is leading producer of workwear for more than 20 years and has strong international presence in the most developed markets such as Germany, UK, USA, Sweden and etc. The work wear meets all European requirements and criteria. The production plant have its own chemical laboratories and central research laboratories for control of raw materials, end products and technological processes. The company’s main advantages are the high quality of products, short delivery times, expertise and precision of employees. The producer offers high quality products with competitive price and is able to answer various clients’ needs thanks to its wide portfolio. The company believes that cost-effectiveness is the success factor in today’s price-sensitive market, as the uncertain European economy renders customers highly cautious in their purchases.

Market application codes

09004003 Textiles (synthetic and natural)

Preferred countries

Russian Federation

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Area of partner's activity

The Bulgarian producer is looking for long term distribution agreement with partners from Denmark, Norway, Russia, Poland, and Netherland. The potential distributors is expected to be well established company on the respective local market. The distributor should have at least 5 years’ experience and should be specialized in distribution of workwear. The potential partner should have well developed network and be able to make regular order. The Bulgarian company expects regular increase in orders.


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