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Bulgarian producer of soaps and spa products is looking for distributors, representatives and offers subcontracting services

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Bulgarian producer of soaps and spa products offers its products to agents, distributors, trade representatives in order to offer their products on the foreign market. The company also offers subcontracting/ outsourcing services. Reciprocal production is possible as well.

Offer description

Bulgarian company with 10 years of experience on the market is specialized in production of extensive range of soaps and SPA products. The main company products are: soaps (cream soaps, glycerin soaps, olive oil soaps, loofah soaps, therapeutic soaps, fine art soaps), spa essentials (massage oils, body peelings, brown sugar peelings, bath salts, bath bombs, body oils, dead sea mud body masks and massage bars) and natural cosmetics (body milks, body creams with aloe vera, vitamin C night creams, active face day creams, coconut and palm butters, Shea butters). The company`s product line consists of more than 100 products, which complete a full unique range of high quality skin and body care products and cosmetics, exported to over 10 different countries in Europe and the Mediterranean. For its products the company uses only 100% pure essential oils, suitable for vegetarians, not tested on animals, non GMO, no petrochemicals, parabens, SLS, PEGs or Silicone. The company has the capacity to produce big or small distribution quantities and can offers its clients the possibility to design their own line of soaps (custom made collection). The company offers its products to agents, distributors, trade representatives in order to offer them on the foreign market. The company offers also subcontracting/ outsourcing activities. Reciprocal production is possible as well.

Innovations and advantages

The company`s factory complies with the standards and requirements set by the European Union. All products are free of additives which have been reported to be harmful to our bodies or the environment, such as Parabens, SLS, EDTAs or petrochemicals etc. None of the products or ingredients is tested on animals. The company uses only 100% natural finest-quality ingredients. The company believes that the best way to manufacture soap is the old traditional way – by the "cold process" method, which preserves the important and essential content of the different ingredients used. The company uses organic herbs, pure aromatherapy grade essential oils and exotic nut and fruit oils such as organic sunflower, sweet almond, apricot kernel and grape seed. They also use rich, nourishing butters such as organic Shea and cocoa which add a vital moisturizing quality to the characteristically creamy, luxurious lather of the natural soaps.

Market application codes

05007007 Other medical/health related (not elsewhere classified)
07004002 Health and beauty aids

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Area of partner's activity

Type of partner: distributor / representative / industrial, manufacuring company Field of activity of the partner: manufacturing, services, trade (buying/selling) Preferred transnational cooperation experience. Role of the potental distributor / representative: to offer its products on the international market; Role of the potental business partner: to outsource the company production; exchange of know-how; etc.


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