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Bulgarian producer of polyethylene biodegradable/compostable packages offers its products

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Bulgarian company, manufacturing various types of polyethylene biodegradable and compostable bags, sacks and other packages offers its products to potential partners in different sectors of the economy – hypermarkets, producers, wholesalers and retailers of foodstuffs, drinks, clothes, perfumery and cosmetics, hotels and spa centers. The producer aims at contracting of long-term manufacturing agreements for supply of its merchandise.

Offer description

The company was founded in 1991 as a limited liability company. In 1994 it is transformed into a joint stock company. Its offices and production facilities are based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and in the neighbor village of Trud. The company initially began as an exporter of foodstuffs and other products of the Bulgarian light industry mainly to Ukraine and some of the republics and districts of the Russian Federation. At a later stage, the company starts import of metals and chemical products (mostly polymers and chemical fibers). A significant part of this nomenclature is re-exported to the Balkan countries. In 2002 the company starts production of polymer bags. Since 1997 the company is an official distributor of a wide variety of electric appliances, generally defined as home and hotel electric appliances, tanning beds, SPA equipment and cosmetic devices. They are produced by major European and American companies, leaders on the respective markets. Along with the diversification of activities, in the mid 90's, was elaborated an organizational differentiation of the various business fields, which were based in separate profit centers, or were set in associations. Each unit of this structure was given some marketing independence to develop its product specialization, to be commercially oriented, and to attain and sustain economically effective parameters. Now it is a group of financially and structurally connected companies united by a common business policy and strategy. Topical product fields of the group are: trade with polymers, production of polymer bags, distribution of home, hotel and SPA equipment and cosmetic devices, hotel and restaurant services, building entrepreneurship, business and congress tourism, financial services. The production of polymer bags is situated in the village of Trud, located 7 km North from Plovdiv. The company has modern production facilities for the manufacture and recycling of plastic packages. The equipment includes 3 extrusion lines for production of films and sleeves from: • HDPE (High-density polyethylene), with widths of 20 to 110 cm. and with a thickness of 8 to 80 microns • LDPE (Low-density polyethylene), with widths of 18 to 100 cm. and with a thickness of 20 to 150 microns The company also disposes with 4 cutting and sealing machine lines for production of disposable and reusable shopping bags, sacks and garbage bags. The enterprise also has a two-color flex printing machine for printing of images on foil with a width up to 60 cm. This allows the company to offer to its customers branded, promotional and advertising bags and other packages. During the years, the company implemented in the production of bags and other packages an innovative technology. It managed to integrate in them as a component one of the imported and distributed by it raw materials – biodegradable/compostable resin. As a result, the packages discarded in the environment are disintegrated under the influence of the climatic conditions and the natural biological processes into compost – nutritious organic fertilizer, which improves and enriches the soil. Thus the waste is converted into useful ingredient. This process takes only 24 months, which compared to the time of disintegration of the usual polymers (20 – 100 and even more years) is not a bad achievement. To increase the sale of its innovative polymer packages, the company aims at contracting of long-term manufacturing agreements with entrepreneurs which use significant quantities of such articles for the packaging of their products.

Innovations and advantages

The company is a distributor of polymers in primary forms and in this way it can ensure its production capacities with the exact and high quality raw materials at very competitive price. This impacts the prices and the quality of the finished products. The packages have as ingredient biodegradable/compostable resin which leads to their disintegration and composting in short terms – 24 months. The company has elaborated a quality management system under the ISO 9001:2000 standard, certified in July 2005 by Moody International and renewed in the required terms, which guarantees more efficient and effective guiding of the processes in the enterprise.

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Type of partner sought

The company believes that its products will suit the needs of entrepreneurs from many branches – hypermarkets and stores for general trading, producers, wholesalers and retailers of garments, foods and drinks, producers of cosmetics, pharmacies, gift and souvenir shops, hotels and spa centers. The potential partners are expected to request on regular basis the needed types and sizes of packages in accordance with long-term manufacturing agreement, contracted between them and the company. They are also expected to provide the manufacturer with information and specifications about the required printings on the packages – if they need branded, promotional or advertising products. It is also important the potential partners of the company to be environmentally oriented and to care about the protection of life and nature. The Biodegradable/compostable resin is in conformity with EN 13432. The packages are produced in the following dimensions and capacities: Shopping bags: 19x28 cm 1 kg 21x35 cm 1 kg 24x38 cm 3 kg 24x40 cm 3 kg 25x42 cm 4 kg 25x45 cm 4 kg 27x48 cm 5 kg 27x50 cm 5 kg 29x53 cm 7 kg 30x60 cm 10 kg 34x65 cm 10 kg 38x68 cm 12 kg Bags: 20x27 cm 1 kg 22x32 cm 2 kg 25x40 cm 3 kg Garbage bags: 55x70 cm 50 l 60x90 cm 70 l 60x100 cm 80 l 70x90 cm 80 l 70x100 cm 90 l Sacks of LDPE grade /rustling/: natural color: 55x70 cm 10 microns 60x90 cm 10 microns 60x100 cm 10 microns 70x90 cm 40 microns Black: 70x100 cm 90 l Sacks of HDPE grade Amber-colored: 60x90 cm 20 microns 60x90 cm 80 microns Black: 52x95 cm 60 microns 60x110 cm 60 microns Polyethylene bags with grip handles Stripes 35X45 cm / 45X55 cm For presents 20X27 cm Pharmaceutic 20X27 cm Shopping bag 27X55 cm Foils of HDPE and LDPE – the dimensions are specified by the customer.


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