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Bulgarian producer of paper hygiene products is looking for distributors

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Bulgarian company specialized in the production of paper hygiene products is looking for distributors. The company is looking for partners from Austria, Poland, Russia and Serbia to distribute the following products: paper cups, napkins with various thematic prints, professional hygiene, dispensers, and facial tissues. The company is also offering its services to interested clients who would like to have individually designed napkins and paper cups.

Offer description

The company has been producing paper hygiene products for more than 15 years and is in long-term partnership with most of the chain stores and international retailers in Bulgaria. The company is working only with highest quality raw materials and all processes of the production line are closely monitored. The broad range of products includes: - paper napkins: 1/8 folded napkins, napkins 25/25 sm. with 2 colour printing; - printed paper cups: 5 oz - 150 ml. bespoke printed paper cups, 8 Oz - 240 ml. bespoke printed paper cups, 12 Oz - bespoke printed 360 ml. paper cups; - folded and rolled paper towels: V-folded hand towels – cellulose, V-folded hand towels – recycled, toilet paper MIDI – cellulose, toilet paper MAXI – special, other professional hygiene with various sizes (33/33, 33/28, 33/20, 33/33 x 500, 25/25 x 350, 33/25); - facial tissues; - dispensers for all company’s products. In addition the company capacity allowed them to produce paper cups and napkins under individual design. The minimum order quantity for individual printing of paper cups is 10 000 pcs per design. The minimum order quantity for individual printing of napkins is 75 000 pcs per design. The company is offering its products to potential distributors, chain stores, retailers, and restaurant from the following countries: Austria, Poland, Russia and Serbia.

Innovations and advantages

The company is very well established on the Bulgarian market. For more than 15 years it is working with leading local and international brands. The SME is using only high quality raw materials for its products and has well developed quality control system. The company has flexible delivery system and can answer various client’s needs. The company already has international experience with its strong presence on the Romanian market.

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03010 Household Goods & Appliances

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07004004 Housewares
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Type of partner sought

The Bulgarian company is looking for distributors, chain stores, retailers, and restaurant from Austria, Poland, Russia and Serbia. The potential partner for the individually designed products should be able to order at least 75 000 pieces of napkins and 10 000 pieces of paper cups per design. The producer is offering assistance in the design and reasonable discounts for regular clients.


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