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Bulgarian manufacturer of underwear and knitted garments offers its products

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Bulgarian company in the field of production of underwear and knitted garments offers wide range of knitwear. The company disposes with modernly equipped design and production units, allowing it to manufacture knitted clothes under its brand as well as clothes under clients' design and brands. The company aims at expanding its markets through contracting of long-term agreements for distribution of its products or to operate as a subcontractor of other companies in the branch.

Offer description

The company was established in 1992 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria as a mini enterprise with 3 workers and 3 sewing machines, situated in a few square meters. In the very beginning the production was only baby knitted clothes. Now the company is specialized in production of wide range of underwear and knitwear under its own trade mark. It also works successfully as a CMT (Cut, Make & Trim) partner of 2 prominent in the world of fashion German companies and with a world-known Italian company through direct collaboration. At nowadays, the company disposes with 3 workshops, design, screen-printing, embroidery, cutter, packing and ironing departments spread on an area of 2500 m2. The production premises are equipped with adequate machinery for the performance of the company’s activities, including CAD/CAM (computer aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) design systems LECTRA and OPTICAD and specialized spreading machine COSMOTEX, model Apolo 100. The increased production capacity led to the manufacture of more than 500 different articles – underwear, nightwear and knitwear, covering all ages and sizes. The product list includes the following goods: 1. For babies: • Underwear: - Bodies; - Sets – 2 parts; - Rompers; - Bathrobes. • Confection: - Sets – 2 parts; - New-born sets; - Cami (rompers); - Coats. 2. For children: • Underwear: - Different kinds of underpants for girls and boys; - Sets for boys and girls - underpants and camisole/corsage/vest/t-shirt (long or short sleeves); - Bathrobes; - Pajamas for boys and girls; - Night-gowns for girls. • Confection: - Decorated vests and t-shirts for boys and girls; - Sets for boys and girls – blouse and trousers/skirt; - Blouses for boys and girls; - Dresses and pinafores for girls; - Jackets, including with hoods for boys and girls. 3. For adults: • Underwear: - Different kinds of underpants for men and women; - Camisoles and corsages for women; - Pajamas for men and women; - Night-gowns for women; - Vest and t-shirts (long and short sleeves) for men and women. • Confection: - Sets for men and women – blouse and trousers/skirt; - Decorated vests, blouses and t-shirts for men and women; - Dresses and pinafores for women; - Dressing-gowns. The company aims at contracting of long-term agreement for CMT (Cut, Make & Trim) production or long-term distribution agreement for supply of its underwear articles and knitted garments.

Innovations and advantages

The company has more than 20 years of experience in the field of sewing of underwear and knitted garments. Has its own design department, equipped with modern computerized systems. The products, manufactured under its own brand, are known on the Bulgarian market, holding a significant share of it. At the same time, thanks to the modern production lines, the company has the ability and capacity for production of underwear and knitted garments, based on client’s design and requirements, offering quality that meets the high standard of one of the biggest and well-known European companies in the branch. BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) standard implemented in the company.

Market application codes

07004001 Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)

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Area of partner's activity

Enterprises from apparel sector which are ready to offer and provide work to subcontractors. The company is looking for long-term CMT (Cut, Make & Trim) collaboration. Other potential partners are distributors and wholesalers of garments, ready to promote and sell the company’s products. Also long-term distribution agreements are preferred. Experience in the trans-national co-operation is an advantage.


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