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Bulgarian distributor offers industrial and vehicle batteries and accumulators

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Bulgarian company, distributor of different types of industrial batteries and vehicle accumulators offers its products to potential partners. The scope of the articles includes starter, traction, semi-traction and stationary batteries, manufactured by an enterprise with more than 55 years’ experience in this industry. The aim of the company is to supply its potential partners with various types of batteries on the basis of long-term distribution agreements.

Offer description

The company was established in 2010 in the town of Pazardzhik, Bulgaria with main activity distribution of industrial and vehicle batteries. Since then it deals as a representative of one of the leading manufacturers in the branch with more than 55 years of experience in the production of accumulators. The company’s product list includes several types of batteries: 1. Starter batteries for cars, buses, trucks, agricultural machines and other vehicles; 2. Traction batteries for different electrical trucks - forklifts and other weight-lifting machinery and platform trucks; 3. Semi-traction batteries – constructed for a cyclic work regime. They are applied as an energy source for lifting gears, cleaning machinery, caravans, golf carts, yacht lightening, etc.; 4. Stationary batteries, produced according to original technology of the manufacturer. They work at constant load with constant voltage and are designed for a long period of operation. The batteries can work in a cyclic mode, which allows deep discharge. They are designed to be used in telecommunication systems, power stations, SBS (Storage Battery Systems), radio and tele-stations, emergency systems, signaling systems. Since the company distributes the described goods only on the local market, now its aim is to spread its activities on the international market through contracting of long-term agreements with distributors of such products in the targeted countries and in this way to increase its income.

Innovations and advantages

- High CCA (Cold cranking amperes) start power of the starter batteries; - Optimal price/quality ratio; - Very good warranty terms; - The offered products are manufactured by an enterprise with more than 55 years’ experience in the battery industry, having at its disposal own R&D department, which guarantees innovative and quality products; - Option to individualize the customers’ orders with their own brand; - Possibility to arrange the logistics if requested.

Technology keywords

04001003 Storage of electricity, batteries

Market application codes

06008 Energy Storage

Preferred countries

Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Russian Federation, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA

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Area of partner's activity

The company aims at contracting of distribution agreements with entrepreneurs, dealing on the market for industrial and vehicle batteries and accumulators. The profound knowledge of the technical specifications and the specific usage of the different battery and accumulator types and modifications as general is a must. At the same time the experience of the potential partner in the field, with a capacity to make orders on regular basis will be highly appreciated. The existence of developed distribution network is also an advantage. The lead-acid starter batteries correspond to the European standard BDS EN 60095. They are produced in the diapason from 12V/40Ah to 12v/230Ah. Lead-acid tubular traction batteries are produced in the following modifications: PzS, PzSL, PzSH, PzB. In the middle of each battery there is a ventilation cap, which provides the release of the free gases during the process of battery work and prevents the direct evolvement of sulphuric acid aerosols. The safety basket /plate/ protects the separator and the plates from mechanical damages. The semi-traction batteries are constructed with PzS positive plates which guarantee safe work and long battery life. The stationary batteries with their fixed elements OPzS meet the requirements of DIN standard.


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