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Bulgarian company, specialized in manufacturing of stainless steel equipment and machinery is looking for trade intermediary services (distributors / representatives) or subcontracting

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Bulgarian company, specialized in manufacturing of stainless steel equipment, machinery (thermal chambers, bioreactors, mixers, receivers, ship parts etc.) and provision of related engineering services, is looking for reliable partner interested in commercial agency agreement, subcontracting or distribution services agreement. The company offers realization of ambitious technological projects and first-class solutions, according to the customers’ demands.

Offer description

Bulgarian company, founded in 2010, offers a wide variety of products and engineering services in the field of design, project management, development, construction, manufacturing and installation, as well as maintenance and repair of custom made machines and equipment. The company the the following industries: pharmaceutical industry, the food & foodstuffs and chemical The company offers: - Pharmaceutical machinery - conveyor belt dryers, thermal chambers, bioreactors, homogenizers and mixers, plough blenders, stainless steel equipment; - Ship parts - interior doors, weather tight doors, manholes, tank vent valves, ventilation cowls, hatches and louvers, fuel tanks, vessels and containers, stainless steel kitchen interior, other parts and details such as winch drums, stairs etc.; - Receivers - Vacuum receiver designed for suction of water from wet sand and Air receiver for the pharmaceutical industry; - Dust collection systems - dedusting cyclone collectors, baghouse dust collectors, dedusting cartridge collectors; - Silos - screw conveyor, screw conveyor - tubular, bucket elevator lift, rubber belt conveyor, mobile conveyor belt, rubber belt conveyor - reinforced, square section silo, round silo; - Transportation systems - galvanized screw transportation systems, screw with a pitch of 1D – a section cut of a galvanized screw conveyor belt, stainless steel rubber conveyor belt - Maintenance and repairs - installing of industrial machinery; establishment of steel constructions; assembling and installation of industrial pipes and piping systems; maintenance and repairs of industrial machinery, including mills and heating ovens for heavy industries; establishment and rising of tanks and industrial chimneys; maintenance and repair of transportation facilities and stone crushers; qualified and certified engineers, welders, metalworkers, installers and laborers equipment. The company has experience in the following industries: pharmaceutical industry, food & foodstuffs and chemical. Today it is the first choice for a large amount of customers due to its production of high-quality products and services that can compete with the solutions offered by the world production leaders. The Bulgarian producer is looking for for trade intermediary services (distributors / commercial agencies) in order to increase its sales. The company could also act as a subcontractor for a foreign partner.

Innovations and advantages

The company has developed strong expertise and know-how. Its innovative machines are in compliance to the requirements for energy efficiency and protection of the environment. Unlike its competitors the company can offer modern products and services at affordable prices. The team offer professionalism and good work quality as well as faster and better solutions.

Technology keywords

02002009 Machine Tools

Market application codes

08003001 Machine tools, other metal working equipment (excl. numeric control)

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for a partner who can act as a distributor or a trade representation. The ideal partner is one, who already deals with processing companies in one of the following industries: pharmaceutical industry, food & foodstuffs and chemical industries.


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