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Bulgarian company offers Business Communication Manager software for distribution and service agreements

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Bulgarian Information and communications technology company is offering Business Communication Manager software as a service. Already on market it is designed for companies dealing with large contact, product and/or services database, e.g. market analytics and marketing companies, call and service centers. Business partners are sought in sales, integration and support of the software as a service for distribution and service agreements with option for exclusive seller rights.

Offer description

The client, a Bulgarian neutral Tier3 collocation data center with 24/7 professional service, was established in 1995. The company offers solutions in the development of the Internet and the Intranet, design, development, maintenance and hosting of web sites and data bases, programming and trade with software products, hardware maintenance. The company is a certified Microsoft Partner and has achieved a Microsoft Competency in ISV (Independent Software Vendor)/Software Solutions. In 2015 the company was awarded for its interactive learning system for children with special educational needs in the area Social Innovation of the National Contest for Innovative Enterprise of the Year. The client has developed a Business Communication Manager (BCM) software as a service (SaaS). It is a professional management system based on Hybrid Cloud computing – a complete product that encompasses all stages of the service: from adding new contact details, through direct communication (VoIP) with the client, to processing and storage of data collected. The product combines five main modules in a single interface: - Customer Relationship Module (CRM) - includes individual data profile of each customer/counterpart; standardized entry forms for contact information; data grouping and categorizing. - Communication Module - implements and registers the operator’s electronic communication with internal and external customers and partners. - Data Module - defines individually questionnaires for conducting marketing campaigns; collects and processes customer information related to products, services, applications and more. - Knowledge Base Module – based on content management system (CMS) with possibility to create documents with rich text editor, files and photos upload. - Reports Module – generates summary about operators’ activities for certain period (day, month, or year), e.g. number of log ins/log outs; of inbound/outbound calls; working hours and rest hours; number of answered calls and missed calls; calls answered within 20 sec and after 20 sec, etc. The symbiosis of these five BCM modules provides single entry point for organisation and management of full communication and customer service. The company has already developed partnership with a national data center - a dedicated place for the deployment of server and communication equipment and channels of online communication. Among the company`s other clients are online media, internet providers, global industrial companies, public bodies. The company is looking for business partners in the field of sales and support of SaaS services to offer them distribution agreement with exclusive rights option. It also looks for companies dealing with large databases of contacts/products/services to offer them service agreement that covers integration, training and maintenance of the BCM.

Innovations and advantages

The Business Communication Manager (BCM) software is cloud based and platform independent (Windows, Linux) and is therefore accessible from anywhere, e.g suitable for international, outsourcing companies and virtual teams. This allows temporary or permanent outsourcing of jobs, out of the office. Main advantages of BCM services offered are two-fold: I. Single entry point for managing inbound/outbound communication with customers and suppliers, as well as with internal staff. II. Efficient and agile management of business processes, which includes development of routine and specific task assignments. BCM also allows for provision of temporary access to subcontractors and trusted agents (on need-to-know basis).

Technology keywords

01003009 Data Protection, Storage, Cryptography, Security
01003010 Databases, Database Management, Data Mining
01003015 Knowledge Management, Process Management
01003024 Cloud Technologies
01006015 VoIP telephony, remote access

Market application codes

01004002 Data communication components
01006004 Communications services
02007002 Database and file management
02007008 Business and office software

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Area of partner's activity

The company is looking for business partners who operate in the field of distribution and support of SaaS services to offer them distribution agreements. Exclusive seller rights for particular international markets can be negotiated. It also offers its BCM software for service agreements to companies that operate with large contact, product and/or services database, e.g. market analytics and marketing companies, call centers, and service centers. The service agreement will cover integration, training and maintenance support to companies.


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