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Bulgarian company is looking for distributors of its innovative healthy food additives

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Bulgarian company specialized in the production of aquaculture-based healthy food supplements made of microalgae, particular spirulina and chlorella complemented with spices, is looking for distribution service agreements or commercial agency agreements in order to sell its products on the EU market. The products are innovative because of the added traditional herbs, spices and salt and can be used in the daily nutrition.

Offer description

Bulgarian company is producing aquaculture-based healthy supplements made of microalgae, spirulina, chlorella, and other algae, in combination with spices, is looking for distributors under distribution service agreements in order to disseminate its products in Europe and other countries. The company is established in 1991 and specializes in R&D activities - research, engineering and design of technology processes in the chemical, biotechnological, and food industry. Two years ago it developed its own technology process for cultivation of aquacultures and producing own healthy products. The new technology line is developed in the framework of the Operational program “Development of the competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy 2007-2013” - “Support for introduction of innovations in enterprises”. The company owner is inspired by the fact that microalgae are source of 80 % of the natural food on the planet, and ensure 90 % of the oxygen. Microalgae are growing in clean waters, could be yielded in organic form, and don’t need any thermal treatment. Microalgae are an extremely nutritious food being on the bottom of the food chain. The company products have very positive influence on the clarity of mind and the concentration, on balancing and detoxification of the body. They are rich of proteins, amino acids, chlorophyll, phycocyanin, beta-carotene, a full range of micronutrients - vital minerals and vitamins in an easily absorbable organic form, phenethylamine, unsaturated fatty acids, the combination of which have antioxidant and immune stimulating effect. The products are offered in several variations - various additives of herbs, spices, garlic, salt, and sugar. They have pleasant specific aroma and taste, and can be used in the daily nutrition. The company’s food supplements are innovative for the world market and have registered utility model. The products are already successfully sold on the national market and the company plans to enter foreign markets in the next 5 years. The company is looking for distribution service agreements or commercial agency agreement with distributors, commercial agents, wholesalers or retailers of food products, food supplements, and spices, organic, ecological, healthy, and innovative food products. Cooperation with e-shops is also desired type of marketing as the products are suitable for e-commerce. The company’s marketing strategy covers exploitation of all possible types of cooperation for selling its products - by distributors, representatives, agents, and wholesalers but also retailers and particular healthy centers are accepted. The distribution service agreements do not foresee exclusive rights to be provided to potential partners. Upon requirement of the potential partner, the company is ready to provide the products under client’s trade mark or under its own.

Innovations and advantages

Own utility model registered The products and recognizes by the IPR authority as being an innovation in the world because of the various additives of herbs, spices next to the algae Physicochemical and microbiological tests performed by an accredited laboratory European and Bulgarian own trade marks Online platform and online store for the distribution of algae and algae products Own algae bioreactor

Market application codes

07003002 Health food
07006 Other Consumer Related (not elsewhere classified)

Intellectual property rights

Trade Marks

Comments, number and date of patent

From 2015 the company began activity as a producer of supplements mixed with spices under its own European and Bulgarian trade mark. It has been granted its own utility model for the mix of algae and spices. The company has developed an algae bioreactor for production of algae which is in process of validation from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. After that the company will start a patent gaining procedure for this technology.

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Type of partner sought

The potential partner should act as distributor or commercial agent on its national or international markets under distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement. The company is looking for reliable and trustworthy partners with experience in distribution of healthy food and/or additives. They could be wholesalers or retailers of food products, food supplements, and spices, organic, ecological, healthy, and innovative products.


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