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Bulgarian company in the field of business and congress tourism offers its services as co-organizer on national level of business events in the country of the potential partner

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A Bulgarian company with experience in business and congress tourism offers its services to fairs, exhibition centers and organizers of business missions. Its aim is to act as co-organizer on national level and, promoting the initiatives among the local business, to organize groups of entrepreneurs for participation in the events. Its purpose is to contract long-term service agreements with potential partners for organizing of business missions, bilateral meetings and participation in fairs.

Offer description

The company was founded in 1994 and is based in Plovdiv – the second biggest city in Bulgaria and a major industrial and trade center. It is specialized in organizing of international business events with the aim to facilitate direct business contacts between Bulgarian companies and potential foreign partners, as well as to promote the exchange of goods and services. The international events, organized by the company may be grouped into two general categories: business missions and bilateral business meetings. The typical clients are representatives of Bulgarian companies from various branches that are interested in entering a particular foreign market, finding of suppliers or strengthening already existing business positions. The foreign partners, acting as host organizers of the events abroad, are carefully selected by the qualified staff of the company, which has more than 20 years of experience in the business and congress tourism. For each participating Bulgarian entrepreneur is prepared an individual business program. Before the start of the event organization, the company negotiates with the host partners their obligations – to assure appropriate local companies for meetings with the Bulgarian entrepreneurs, taking part in the event, to prepare a schedule of the meetings between the participants and other organizational issues. The company also assists Bulgarian manufacturers to participate as exhibitors at various fairs and specialized exhibitions with individual and collective stands, presentations, business visits etc. Among its foreign partners are chambers of commerce and other business organizations in Russian Federation, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Turkey. The company offers its services to the interested potential partners as a promotor of the organized by them events and as an organizer of groups of Bulgarian businessmen for attending these events. Its aim is to co-operate with the interested organizations and companies on the base of long-term services agreements.

Innovations and advantages

The main advantage of the company is its experience in the business and congress tourism field. Since its establishment before 22 years, it has successfully organized more than 1200 events – business missions and bilateral business meetings and nearly 500 participations on fairs and exhibitions of Bulgarian business groups. For these years the company became an official representative for Bulgaria of several business and convention centers and organizations from different countries, which makes it trustful and reliable partner.

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Type of partner sought

The potential partners of the company are international fairs and exhibition centers, branch and non-governmental organization, promoters and organizers of business events. The host party is expected to find a certain number of local partners for each Bulgarian company according to its field of activity and cooperation interests. An introductory consulting seminar (up to 1 hour) conducted by experts of the host partner is usually included in the business mission schedule, so that the Bulgarian participants can get "on the spot" up-to-date information about local market conditions, customs tariffs, certification regime, etc. The talks should follow fixed schedules, ensuring quiet and effective work. The company aims at contracting of long-term service agreements.


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