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Bread roll cutter for daily use in gastronomy, catering/events and social food banks

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An inventor and SME from Germany designed a simple device for cutting several bread rolls at once. The SME is specialised in manufacturing metal products and machinery. The product was designed to simplify the cutting and delivery process. Instead of manually slicing with several hand movements, many rolls can be cut in one step, depending on the size rolls. Partners sought are familiar with food handling and interested in a distribution service agreement.

Offer description

The history of the bread roll cutting device has practical reasons. The idea was born in the context of a regional event, where breakfast was provided for 600 people. The inventor was part of the volunteer team and displeasure occurred because of too long waiting time. The developed product reduces the time effort for cutting bread rolls. The device consists of V2R steel, is stainless and has a size of approximately 45x15 cm. A lever is lifted and three to four bread rolls are placed in a metal channel. Then, the lever is pressed down and gentle pressure is used to fix the bread rolls. Subsequently, the cutting knife is placed in the cutting slot to cut the bread rolls. After all bread rolls are cut, the blade is removed and the lever is lifted again. The bread rolls are taken out and the process starts anew. The sliced ​​bread rolls can be given to the next working station or to the self-service spot. One article weighs approximately 5 kg and can be permanently installed. In principle, already existing knifes can be used for handling the bread roll device. A SME from Saxony is in charge of the production of bread roll cutting device. The company was founded in 1994 and is nowadays a highly specialized provider for job order production. The SME has ultra-modern machinery and can respond quickly to customer needs and required quantities. The company currently has more than 400 long-term customers, and pays special attention to R&D. It has been awarded in 2014/2015 by the German "Stifterverband: Promoting Science and Education". The inventor and SME are looking for partner to realize a Distribution service agreement. Both partners are not able to launch and promote the product abroad. Potential partners will have to inform the company from Germany about concrete health standards. This investigation is supposed to be a good starting point for a long term cooperation.

Innovations and advantages

- The product is out of V2R-steel (nierosta steel) and therefore different hygiene standards can be guaranteed; - Time savings of at least two steps (pick up and drop) per bread roll; - Increased employment protection, because the cutting process is realized in the device rather than on a cutting board.

Current stage of development

A small pilot series was launched, which is used by various partners.

Technology keywords

08001003 Food Packaging / Handling
08001004 Food Processing
08001005 Food Technology
08002003 Safe production methods

Market application codes

07005001 Fast food restaurants
07006 Other Consumer Related (not elsewhere classified)

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Area of partner's activity

Type: Service provider; Activity: Sales of equipment and machinery used in gastronomy, event/catering, social food banks, and other areas of the Food & Beverage; Role: Distribution of the bread roll device with self-responsible commercial accounting. The new partner must be aware that small series start with ten units. A final selling price should be around 50 € per sample. Photos of the device will be provided on demand.


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