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Brazilian producer of frozen tropical fruit pulp seeks commercial agents and distributors in Europe and other countries

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A Brazilian company manufacturer of more than 16 flavors of pasteurized and frozen tropical fruit pulp is looking for commercial agents and distributors interested in representing and distributing its product in the EU market, but also worldwide. The pulps come in three different sizes: 400 grams / 1 Kilo / 190 kgs barrels

Offer description

A Brazilian company specialized in the production of Tropical fruit pulp is looking for partners to help export its products to Europe and other countries. The producer, from Ceará (a Northeast State) has almost 10 years of experience in the fruit processing and has 3 different types of packaging. The larger package is suitable for restaurants, bars, delis and other food related establishments. Focusing on high quality the pasteurization process has a key role to ensure the company’s high quality recognition. The process itself minimizes the risk of contamination, prolonging the product shelf life and maintaining all the natural characteristics of the product. Being attentive to the needs of its clients the company is in constant search for innovations and technologies that enable extracting the full potential of the fruits, thus ensuring the best taste with all the health benefits provided by the nutrients of each fruit. Always with the commitment to offer higher quality products at the lowest possible cost. The pulps flavors are: Pineapple, Açai berry, Acerola, Cajá, Cajá-umbu, Cashew, Cupuaçu, Guava, Soursop, Papaya, Mango, Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Siriguela, Tamarind and Tangerines. The main use of the pulps is for juices, but they can also be used to make jellies and bittersweet dishes. To facilitate its access into the international market the company is looking to establish: - Distribution agreement in order to distribute its product to a large number of supermarket, restaurants, bars, delis and such; - Commercial agreement in order to have an agent to sell its products to the foreign market.

Innovations and advantages

• Almost 10 years of experience; • Pulps made from selected sanitized fruits that go through a pasteurization process, thus eliminating over 99% of possible contamination; • Experts in tropical fruit pulp production; • Cultivation entirely in Brazil; • Expertise in food distribution, food retail, and food service sector; • High production capacity.

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08001004 Food Processing

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07003002 Health food

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Area of partner's activity

The Brazilian company is looking for importers, distributors, wholesalers specialized in the food sector to work under a distribution agreements contract (i.e. commercial partners who will buy and sell the products in their respective markets). The commercial partners should be well-introduced to the following points of sales: supermarkets, restaurants, bars, delis and other food related establishment. The commercial partners will have to implement the brand and to build up the products’ image on their respective markets and to introduce the products to the targeted points of sales. Ideally, the distributors must have a significant sales force and be able to support the marketing and promotion of the products on their respective markets through participation in trade fairs, promotional campaigns, demonstration, etc...The distributors may also have a retail website in order to commercialize the products online. The company is also willing to hire a commercial agent to represent the company abroad. The partner has to have its own network and its own sales force.


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