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Brazilian company which produces “Plastic wood” from waste industrial disposal is looking for partners for distribution services agreement.

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Brazilian company developed an own technology for plastic material recovery for manufacturing of plastic home artifacts which is a 100% ecological solution. The main products are swing, tables, wastebasket, vertical flowerpots, modular decking and farming fences made with waste industrial disposal, known as “Plastic wood”. It is looking for partners for distribution services agreement in the retail segment as construcion materials, home centers, garden equipments, and pools stores.

Offer description

Brazilian company,founded in 2012, specialized in the construction sector, which produces plastic home artifacts with waste industrial, through an ecological solution is looking for partner for a distribution service agreement. The company has a huge portfolio in the construction field, as decking pools, products for gardens swing, tables, wastebasket, vertical flowerpots, products to farming like fences, posts and slats for cattle or decorative protections, applied structure like partitions and plank floor for building, and others. It is already in brazilian market attending all regions of the country and is aiming to become a international brand.

Innovations and advantages

The Plastic Wood is produced with waste industrial, those plastics that nobody wants or can recycle. With an ecological technology developed by the own team at the company, the product is not WPC - it does not use fine materials or contains natural wood, it is coated by a thin layer of material (also recycled), which can be additivated with dyes, anti UV agents and antiviral agents calls. All the water used in the process is collected from rain and the circuit is closed, without there being any contamination to the environment. It is a wood-like material which is manufactured from the recycling of various plastics, which are processed and pigmented to achieve a new material, solid with the same use of the timber, and may be nailed, screwed, riveted or glued. Besides not absorb very little moisture, durability and material strength are the most notable features of Plastic Wood. It is resistant to sun, corrosion, rain, dust, and can be kept in permanent contact with the ground. It is also immune to pests and not derision or create fungi, because practically does not absorb moisture. In terms of security, the Plastic Wood still stands out for not releasing splinters or cracks, and is extremely weather resistant. Another major advantage of the product is to be free of maintenance and paintings, as the material can now be purchased in the desired color. It is a 100% ecological solution that respects the environment helping to eliminate plastic waste and improper clearing of our forests.

Technology keywords

02006001 Materials, components and systems for construction
03010 Household Goods & Appliances
10002013 Clean Production / Green Technologies
10003004 Recycling, Recovery

Market application codes

07001007 Other leisure and recreational products and services
07004005 Furnishing and Furniture
07004006 Garden and horticultural products
07004008 Other consumer products
08005 Other Industrial Products (not elsewhere classified)

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Area of partner's activity

It is looking for partners for distribution services agreement to access the retail segment as construcion materials, home centers, garden equipments, farms products, and pools stores.


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