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Brazilian company of products derived from coconut – coconut water, coconut milk drinks, natural fiber – wanting to trade its products in international markets, especially Europe and North America.

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A Brazilian company offers a variety of deals in drinks based on coconut water (100% coconut water) and mixed drinks of coconut water with fruits, as Cranberry, Holy grass-Ginger, Pineapple, Green tea). The bottle available is 350ml, 400ml, 200ml and 1L. The company was official support of the Salvador Carnival 2016 in Brazil. Now is looking for commercial agencies, retailers and wholesalers for distribute the product, on focus Europe and North America.

Offer description

The Group started its activities in 2006 in Bahia after acquiring coconut plantation farms. The Group was created with the purpose of redefining the entire coconut chain, of doing something that has never been done before and become a leader in coconut cultivation production and innovation. Developing a culture of excellence in operation to ensure resources management in a responsible, sustainable and profitable way. The kickoff in the pursuit of meeting goals was given by merging companies, forming a large Group, with investments in irrigation and traceability technologies, phytosanitary actions, and social and environmental development; aiming at expanding coconut trees production capacity, improving the quality of fruit produced, as well as preventing pests and encouraging the local community to ensure skilled workforce in an environment that respects human and natural resources. Coconut water is a beverage with important growth in global market by meeting the requirements of important market trends, such as healthiness, indulgence, and is natural. Coconut water is quite perishable and processed usually with the use of preservatives. The innovative process of extraction of the product offered (coconut water) allows to store the product without preservatives with good "shelf life", while maintaining the organoleptic characteristics as close as possible the natural fruit. Coconut water is a drink rich in minerals and is considered a natural moisturizer. Approximately 230 thousand coconut trees are currently cultivated and, in 2015, it will expand to 450 thousand. Dry and green coconuts are produced in a model system that will also serve as reference to promote the technology and encourage local producers. The Group uses the entire dry and green coconuts, in order to have zero waste and transform its components (shell, peel, pulp and water) into high added value products with certified quality.

Innovations and advantages

The product is 100% whole coconut water, without preservatives, without addition of sugar, low in sodium and with innovative package (aseptic PET). Also, is possible mixed coconut water drinks with differentiated flavors in the Brazilian market, and typical Brazilian flavors, for instance, coconut water with jaboticaba with holy grass and ginger, with pineapple and pear. In addition to that, the coconut water free from preservative due to a fruit water extraction without contact with oxygen and light. Patented process. The company has a production capacity for 70 million per year. Moreover, the company has its own coconut farms, which will provide approximately 50% of raw material. In the end, 100% of the coconut and transform its components in high added value products.

Current stage of development

In the domestic Market for 8 months, already available in the main Brazilian retail chains.

Market application codes

07003002 Health food
07006 Other Consumer Related (not elsewhere classified)

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Area of partner's activity

Commercial agencies that may represent the brand, especially in the beverages market. Also, retailers and wholesalers who can distribute the product in target markets.


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