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Belgium SME specialised in warehouse and stock management software is looking for commercial agency agreement and services agreement

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A Belgian company having developed a unique warehouse management system (WMS) software is looking for commercial agency and services agreements. The software aims at optimizing warehouse and stock management, the logistic in-situ and products traceability on production line and geolocation in-situ. The company is active since 15 years, also on French, German, Dutch and Luxembourger markets.

Offer description

The company based in Belgium is specialized in software and warehouse management system (WMS). It is active in the field since 15 years, and from the beginning rapidly prepared the way for embedding its international roots, successfully carrying out missions in France (for instance in Oyonnax Plastics Valley), Luxembourg, Germany, in The Netherlands and in the United Kingdom. It has developed strong relationships with international SMEs and larger companies where its software of stock management is installed and maintained successfully. The company has developed a product that permits the stock management, the logistic in-situ and products traceability on production line and geolocalisation in-situ. The software is built on 4 modules: - Manufacturing Execution System (MES) - Follow-up of production: Identification of products at exit of production lines, definition and identification of elementary used products, product traceability. - Geolocalisation - Real time follow-up of people and/or trucks, cars. The system also allows for an access control and the creation of alarms for zones. - Warehouse management system (WMS) - Logistics: Registration of vehicles, follow-up of entrance/exit of vehicles, call to dock, follow-up of piloted/controlled loading/unloading, search for storage locations, search for stock. - Yard Management Systems (YMS) - Stocks management: Reception of goods, cycling/global inventory, control of loading/unloading, picking, creation/suppression/modification of stock, stock movements. The company is looking for services agreement collaboration opportunities with industrials willing to improve their stock management system via a performing WMS, and with potential retailers and sellers specialized in the warehouse products. It is also willing to build commercial agency agreement with technical sales specialists. The possibility to install the software into various industrial environments will be a gain for the partners - for the industrial that can use a real integrated and oriented software to manage their stock and production line and, at same time, for the company that will manage to continuously improve and integrate new processes into the software to adapt it to the partners' needs. The opportunity to grow on foreign markets will allow the company to work with technical commercial people who represent the product for sale and respond quickly to problems or needs. A commercial connection/trainer should then exist between the company and commercial agencies. The company aims at building sustainable long-term cooperation by increasing its physical presence abroad in order to be able to elaborate personalized schedule of conditions and to provide a local and first line assistance in the maintenance or setting up of a WMS.

Innovations and advantages

- long experience in warehouse and stock management - turnkey, tailored and evolutive solutions - high flexibility adapted to the customer needs - gain of time and costs (ie. avoid product lost)

Technology keywords

01003006 Computer Software
01003008 Data Processing / Data Interchange, Middleware
01004003 Applications for Transport and Logistics
02008003 Logistics

Market application codes

02007011 Manufacturing/industrial software
02007024 Programming services/systems engineering
02007025 Consulting services

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Type of partner sought

- Industrial partners dealing with stocks of goods or products (all kind of sectors) looking for optimisation of their flow and traceability in their production and distribution process. - Retailers and sellers of warehouse management products (i.e hands terminals, lift trucks, production line installators, shelvings...) in need of embedded software, warehouse management software (WMS). - Technical Sales Specialists in the field of warehouse management, able to analyse the needs of the customers and to identify matching opportunities with the products.


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