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Belgian producer of non genetically modified organism rapeseed oil seeks distributor in EU markets

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This innovative Walloon producer of non genetically modified organism rapeseed oil offers to potential distributors fully in-house transformed products such as natural oil or flavoured oil, flavoured dressing, sauces, sauces & marinades for ready-meals, rapeseed oil as an ingredient for agro-food industry. It is also suitable for livestock feeding. The eco-responsible SME guarantees high quality nutrients preserved products.They are looking for distributors and agents in European markets.

Offer description

A Walloon sme specialised in production of rapeseed oils is looking for distributors and agents. The responsible company has developed a thorough expertise in farming, harvesting, and bottling a non genetically modified organism (GMO) rapeseed oil. The rapeseed oil is the result of a fully in-house transformation process, under the expert control of professionals. The first cold pressing technique they have developed is unique in Europe and enables genuine organic extraction of the raw material. The production chain comprises three processes which end in the bottling of the oil and its derivatives such as components for the agro-food industry. The company's portfolio is based on a tailor-made and bespoke production and offers to potential distributors the following products: - natural oil or flavoured oil ( garlic, thyme, citrus fruits, ..) - flavoured dressing/vinaigrettes - dipping sauces, used as accompaniment to a meal with different flavours ( curry, garlic, dragon, ...) - sauces & marinades for ready-meals - rapeseed oil as an ingredient for agro-food industry such as ready-meal preparation The rapeseed oil is also suitable for livestock feeding. The different production stages are recognised by AFSCA (the Federal Food Safety Agency) and they have also finalised their own Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point self-assessment tool. They also possess international food safety standard ISO 22000. Currently, the sme is working in Belgium with agro-food industry, food processing companies, food wholesalers, and local-tradional producers/delicatessen and seeks to diversify its markets. They are looking for distributors and agents in European markets.

Innovations and advantages

The products are a combination of local agriculture and traditional know-how, produced by a responsible company. The rapeseed used in their products comes exclusively from the local region. - non genetically modified organism/ non-GMO rapeseed, - the rapeseed oil is sourced from local sustainable agriculture, - cold-pressed: guarantees that all nutrients and unsaturated fatty acids (Omega 3-6) are preserved, - no use of solvent, - before the pressing process the bitter seed's husks are removed. Thanks to that,undesirable compounds which cause deterioration of the sensory characteristics of the oil as color, taste or smell are eliminate, - non-GMO agriculture, - Eco labeled products (EU Agriculture), - choice for organic/non organic oil. The rapeseed oil, recognised for its nutritional properties, is also avalalbe for livestock feeding. The authorities has granted the Walloon sme the ISO 9001/2008 certification for “Processing of oil raw materials, refining, bottling and marketing of vegetable oils”, as well as the ISO 22000/2005, certification for the refining and bottling lines.

Market application codes

07003002 Health food
07004008 Other consumer products
07006 Other Consumer Related (not elsewhere classified)

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Type of partner sought

The Walloon company is looking for distribution companies with a vast knowledge of the food market and an extended clients portfolio. Distributors of oils for the food industry, livestock feeding industry, suppliers of food markets with large distribution networks. Distributors or final users of secondary oil products.


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