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Belgian company is looking for distributors for its high-tech window foil

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The Belgian company has developed a high-tech, patented window foil. This foil is an ideal solution for heat control and sun protection for buildings, homes and companies. The company is looking for distributors for their product.

Offer description

The Belgian company is specialized in intelligent glass thermal insulation technology. It has developed a sun protection/energy-saving-film.This film is a high-tech spectrally selective window foils suited to the overall concept of energy saving and CO2 reduction. The window films combine a high level of light transmission with effective sun protection in summer and energy-efficient thermal insulation in the winter. These foils keep out the summer heat, while their insulation effect reduces heat loss through the windows in winter. The films offer a high-performance and transparent solution for heat control and sun protection for buildings, homes or companies. Also there an energy saving throughout the year and optimal comfort both in winter and summer. Refreshing coolness in summer and pleasant warmth in winter. By 2050 the EU aims to significantly reduce emissions by 80 to 95% compared to 1990. The greatest potential for energy savings exists in buildings. The Commission's plans regarding energy focuses on instruments to get the renovation process for public, commercial and private buildings and to improve the energy performance of the components used in those buildings. Improving the glazing with the foil is one of the opportunities and can give a new life to existing buildings. The company develops architectural films for the residential market, and commercial films for the professional market. The company already has offices in the Netherlands and France. The company is looking for distributors throughout Europe. This distributors must be active in renovation and building projects.

Innovations and advantages

The key product attributes: - the highly reflective properties of the window film lower temperatures. Up to 25% savings on the cooling costs. - in winter, the heat is kept inside, resulting in increased thermal insulation and saving up to 30% of the heating costs. - Reduced CO2 emissions (greenhouse gas). - Fast return on investment (ROI) - Low warmth absorption, so possible internal installation on every type of glazing - High transparency and visible light transmission - No UV discoloration of interior furniture and fittings - Extra protection against burglary and injuries from broken glass - The window films admit visible light. - Improved comfort.

Technology keywords

02006004 Installations related to construction (energy, lighting, ..)
02007001 Adhesives

Market application codes

08001007 Coatings and adhesives manufactures
09007002 Manufacture of construction materials, components and systems

Intellectual property rights

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Area of partner's activity

Potential distributors could be installers or distributors of blinds, construction equipment, installers, glazing or insulation installers willing to use the window foil in property renovation or newly build building projects. Potential partners must have knowledge of the construction market in their region and have an important network of potential customers and have professional experience. The company is interested in establishing long term cooperation with her distributors.


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