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Award winning UK producer of luxury gin and vodka is looking for European distributors

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London based company that manufactures and distills contemporary super- premium spirits is now looking for distributors within Europe to expand its successful business abroad. This company produces two main premium drinks: potato vodka and London gin.

Offer description

London based distilling company producing luxury spirits, including London gin and potato vodka. This company creates luxury spirits in a way which captures personal taste and individual style. The founder of this distilling company has a particular passion for premium spirits and has a background in design and production for international markets. This company has collaborated with a famous international contemporary artist which has helped to establish its brand's premium image. The potato vodka has been awarded of a gold medal at the spirits business design & packaging masters. The highest accolade in the 2016 San Francisco, the most influential spirits competition in the world. The team are also made up of a strong set of distilling industry and creative partners, looking to distribute their products to Europe. London gin: Awarded the highest masters medals for the super premium and contemporary categories of the global gin masters award, this blend of British gin has been recognized by industry experts who recognize the products tasting notes as well as design. This company uses a very narrow cut of the purest triple-distilled spirit and then incorporates essential British flavors and aromas to create a smooth tasting gin. Flavors used include nettles followed by apricots with rich blackcurrant airs at the nose, and juniper, orange blossom, lemon oil and coriander leaf flavors throughout the palate. Finishing notes include echoes of summer fruits to create an interesting taste and innovate blend of 40% ABV (Alcohol By Volume) gin. Potato vodka: The company produces smooth potato vodka, whereby in its second distillation vapors are elevated through a series of seven column stills, passing over 2,000 purification plates. As the process is controlled with a high degree of accuracy, after blending with crystal clear water, the spirit drawn can be bottled without filtration, which allows the potato vodka to maintain a velvet soft mouthfeel and distinguished creamy taste. The product has been descripted as ‘vodka art', as in addition to its rich and creamy taste, incorporates toasted sourdough bread, sage, melted butter, bitter chocolate 80%, sweet fig and honey with hints of herbs de province creating a unique taste. Both drinks can be served with mixers, or in alcoholic cocktails such as those which the company gives recipes to on their website. The company is looking for importers and/or distributors across Europe in order to promote and represent their products.

Innovations and advantages

A strong brand image is one of the company's great strengths, having collaborated with a renowned artist to generate the impressive designs on its bottled products. Furthermore, not only does this company have a strong set of creative partners to give the products its competitive edge, the company also sets a high standard for luxury vodka due to the meticulous process that their distilling partners go through to ensure only the best quality. In addition, the company has run a series of events and cocktail classes which have helped to establish their brand of gin and vodka throughout London, Hong Kong and Australia. The company's products have featured in a variety of fashion shows and press launches, distinguishing them from competitors and establishing their reputation as a premium, quality brand of spirits. This company has been internationally recognized for its unique alcoholic blends and taste, having won multiple awards and medals, including a double gold medal for the potato vodka and a silver medal for the gin at the San Francisco world spirits competition. The company have developed a range of point of sale and merchandise materials to support its brand activation and enable trade and consumers alike to embrace the brand and engage in its expression. These include: glassware, shot jigger glasses, bottle coolers, ice molds, display cases and tasting menus.

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07003001 Wine and liquors

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Importers, distributors or wholesalers introduced in agrofood and mainly beverage sectors.


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