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Award winning English board game – the best game to practice and improve your English

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A female entrepreneur based in Portugal develops non-digital, interactive English language games for learners of English as a foreign language. At international level, the game is being commercialized in the Netherlands and in Portugal by the main national editors, as well as, by distributors of school material. Now the entrepreneur is looking for editors and partners for distribution/resale in other countries in the European Union.

Offer description

The entrepreneur is based in Centro region of Portugal and develops non-digital interactive English language games for learners of English as a foreign language. The entrepreneur has a long experience as an English Teacher at all levels, both in the Netherlands and in Portugal. All games aim to test, practice and consolidate acquired knowledge and skills at a well defined level, using the English language in an efficient and playful way and, why not …. having fun! Especially the speaking and listening skills are practiced in the games. As they are all group games, there is a lot of interaction and the games can (and should) be used as a complement to any method (digital or more traditional) that is used in the classroom. The first game, and STAR game was awarded by the European Language Label 2014 for its quality, originality and for the fact that it involves all the skills and acquired knowledge that learners at a certain level are supposed to master. Consequently the game includes: - vocabulary - grammar - communication - culture - movement - interaction - constant participation of all players - a healthy dose of competition. The board game is available at four levels: - Starters Zero (targeted for very young learners – equivalent to 30 hours of English); - Starters (about 60 hours of English); - A1 (CEFR - Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – 120 hours of English); - A2 (CEFR – 220 hours of English). There is also a box with 6 games inside, again focused on the oral skills. This game box is available at 2 levels: Starters and A1 /A2 (CEFR). At international level, the games are already being commercialized in the Netherlands by the main national editors, as well as, by two distributors of school material. In Portugal, the main editor of English school books has brought the board game into the schools where their methods are used. Editors especially seems to have an interest in using the game as promotional material, offering a number of games to schools that use their method. In the United Kingdom and in France the games are commercialized in web-shops. Now, the entrepreneur is looking for editors and partners for distribution/resale of English school material in other EU-countries.

Innovations and advantages

The board game is unique. There is no board game of this kind on the market. The levels A1 and A2 are directly linked with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages which provides a comparative advantage on the market as it allows the adequate choice of the level for users. The game is ready to be used in any country where English is taught as a foreign language. The nomination and Award by the European Language Label 2014 has increased the visibility of the board game at a national and international level. The feedback of English teachers that have used the game in their classes has been very positive.

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All games have the copyright of the author.

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The entrepreneur is looking for companies: Editors, Distributors and sellers (shops and webshops) of school material/ books / educational games. The expected role for Editors: It is expected that editors bring the game to the schools, together with their books, as a complement to their methods of English or as promotional material for their company and their English methods. The expected role for distributors of school material/ books: It is expected that distributors bring the game to the book shops, stationaries, toy shops, schools, language institutes, … The expected role for resale: It is expected that resellers advertise, market and sell the games in their physical shops or webshops. Editors: the expertise sought is related to School book editors (of digital or traditional books) since the board game is an excellent way of completing any English method. Distributors of School material/Books: The games can be used at home, in English private classes, at school, in any environment where people are learning English as a foreign language. The distributors sought should have a solid network of distribution on the target markets. Resale: The expertise sought is especially for direct sellers (either through web-shops or physical shops) with a list of clients, especially in the field of education and language learning (Teachers, schools, …)


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