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Austrian "Train the Trainer" educational program provider is looking for business partnerships in Eastern Europe and Asia

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An Austrian provider of educational programs, trainings and custom-made workshops is looking for business partnerships and cooperation possibilities such as joint ventures, licence agreements and distribution partners to approach new markets. The main offer is knowledge transfer in “Train the Trainer” programs and trainings in organisations or companies for counseling, crisis intervention and resilience that are offered in all languages on demand.

Offer description

This educational institution with its more than 20 years of experience is keen on finding international partner. Transfer of know-how, knowledge and success, especially concerning crisis intervention, resilience and intercultural communication is the main topic of this companies educational programs, which are offered on a personal level with trainers and on a virtual level with online education and coaching programs. The R&D department of the company and its interdisciplinary team is constantly developing new educational concepts and improving the current programmes according to the latest scientific standards. They focus on “train the trainer” activities and knowledge transfer and offer business development and leadership trainings, a broad spectrum of e-learning and face-to-face trainings as well as coaching for entreprises and institutions an custom-made workshops. Also organizational development of companies in any industry and size is researched and experts can offer coaching. The company is looking for business partnerships and cooperation possibilities such as joint ventures to create new solutions in new markets with a partner, licence agreements with other companies to use their online programs and most importantly distribution partners to find new customers on new markets such as educational institutions, organisations or companies with the need for new training methods or new programs.

Innovations and advantages

Interdisciplinary team of medical experts, psychiatrists, psychologists, teachers and therapists Knowledge from 20 years of experience They have their own scientific research department for inhouse research!

Technology keywords

11002 Education and Training

Market application codes

07005004 Education and educational products and materials

Intellectual property rights

Exclusive rights

Comments, number and date of patent

Exclusive rights for all programs, especially for the seminar for crisis intervention coaching and counseling

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Area of partner's activity

The company is looking for distributors, license partners, joint venture partners and interested buyers for the „Train the trainer programs”. Key clients and focus partners are educational institutes, training centers, R&D institutions and Universities. First of all the company is looking for distribution partners for their - especially online - programs and coaching classes. These distribution partners shall have strong networks and a good overview on the needs of local entreprises concerning trainings and coaching of employees. Joint Ventures would be interesting with local partners in a similar service area to offer the training programs together on new markets, maybe through a common project, or to develop new concepts for specific new markets in a cooperation. A joint venture could create benefits and advantages due to the market knowledge and (technological) infrastructure knowledge of the partner abroad and the content of the programs and the structures of the coaching progerams offered by the Austrian company. They are also willing to sell their “train the trainer” programs on for example resilience, counseling and crisis management via a license system to other companies. So they are offering licenses to their educational contents to companies and institutions eager to use the programs in advanced training lessons for their employees. Potential partners have to be able to show already realized projects, they have to have good trainers who are able to learn, and show reliability and intention to have a long lasting sustainable cooperation, maybe even establish a company together etc.


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