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Armenian cheese producer seeks distributors

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An Armenian company which produces more than 10 varieties of cheeses, produced from natural milk and with pleasant taste and high quality is looking for distributors for its production.

Offer description

This Armenian company was established in 1937 and is involved in cheese production. In the north of the Shirak region of Armenia, back in the mid-thirties of the last century, in the alpine pastures parallel to the development of cattle breeding industry, arose the need to create businesses for the collection and processing of milk on an industrial scale. Location of the plant has enabled the collection of milk from all the farms in the region, and today the plant is one of the largest dairy companies in Armenia. Since its foundation, the factory uses only natural milk: the whole production process is without genetically modified additives. Due to the success of enterprise, its experienced cheese makers transmitted the secrets of their trade from generation to generation. The representatives of the third generation of cheese makers now are the owners of this enterprise. The plant produces more than 10 varieties of cheeses: Lori-classic, Amasia, Elianor, Chanakh, Chechil, Suluguni, Sheep cheese Pikorino, Smoked cheeses, etc. They revive the production of Swiss and Dutch cheeses, for which the company is traditionally known among the company's existence from Soviet times. Purposeful work on the implementation of a completely new innovative in packaging system is continuously being done in the plant. The company has recently implemented a large-scale investment project. The construction of modern cheese-making factory has been finished in 2015, what has significantly updated the assortment of cheeses and has contributed for reaching the leading position in the domestic and export markets. The motto of this company is "Quality is above all". The production of this company is mainly sold in local market chain stores. Now the company is exporting its product to Russia and post-Soviet countries. Having an aim to enlarge the volumes of production, the company is looking for new sales opportunities abroad under the distribution services agreement.

Innovations and advantages

• The production is made exclusively from natural milk of alpine zone of Armenia. • The company offers high-quality cheeses at an affordable prices. • The company has large variety of traditional Armenian cheeses which stand out for their quality and taste. • The company uses modern technologies and equipment for developing quality product which corresponds to international standards. • The company has qualified staff: its technologists continuously develop new cheese production lines with pleasant taste and healthy features. • The company has flexible modification system of packaging, design and delivery. • The company is already engaged in trans-national cooperation. • The company is always open for new cooperation offers and is happy to discuss all the possible options for it.

Market application codes

07003002 Health food

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Area of partner's activity

The distributors of dairy products, the supermarkets, specialized chain stores, as well as the restaurants, catering services and hotels are sought for distribution services agreement.


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