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An Italian start-up is looking for financial and joint venture partners for the development of an app that enables the users to match demand to supply in the employment market

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An Italian start-up has developed a demo version of an innovative app for the easy and quickly odds-jobs demand/supply matching and for the subsequent management of the bureaucratic and legal requirements of the employment relationship. The start-up is looking for financial support in order to develop the app and to enter the market - financial agreement. The app development and its marketing can also be achieved under a joint venture agreement.

Offer description

An Italian start-up plans to develop an innovative app for the employment market. Currently, the company has developed a demo version of the app. The app designed by the Italian company enables you to search and offer odd-jobs (like garden works or baby-sitting) in an intuitive and fast way. The user enters a profile and, after the login to access the app, he can offer a job and can search for the jobs available in a specific area. In fact, this app is equipped with a geolocation system and the job offers are displayed on a map. Moreover, this apps foresees a notification system that delivers in real time messages about the jobs offers/demand. The user, when the job performance is completed, evaluates the job performance itself. All administrative and legal requirements related to the job performance (contract, payment, insurance etc ..) are managed by the start-up. The start up plans to access the market in 14 months. Currently the start up has developed a prototype version of the app and it has tested the app. Furthermore, a website presenting the project is online. The company is looking for international partners to reach a financial or a joint venture agreement. The aim of partnership is to complete the development of the app and implement its marketing. In order to achieve this goal the start up has planned the following stages. Stage one: this stage foresees the test of the beta version in a local scale. The company aims to test the app in a city with high student population, thus of potential odd-job providers, and a heightened demand for garden works and babysitting. After the test, the company intends to complete the Android app development and to perform the development of an IoS app version. The stage one also includes the design of web marketing activities. Stage two: this stage includes the implementation of the web marketing activities and extension of the service to other categories of workers in addition to babysitting and gardeners. Stage three: this stage foresees the extension of the service on the entire Italian territory and design of a TTM (time to market) for other European nations.

Innovations and advantages

- It is a user friendly app. - The app is equipped with geolocation system to facilitate the demand/supply matching. - The app features rating system in order to support the user in searching the most appropriate worker. - The app manages all the phases of the employment relationship, from odds-jobs demand/supply matching to subsequent management of the bureaucratic and legal requirements of the employment relationship.

Technology keywords

01003013 Information Technology/Informatics
01003014 Internet Technologies/Communication (Wireless, Bluetooth)

Market application codes

01001004 Other commercial communications
02007007 Applications software
02007009 Home software
09003002 Advertising and public relations
09003005 Consulting services

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Area of partner's activity

TYPE AND ROLE OF FINANCIAL PARTNER *The company is looking for partners in order to reach a cooperation in form of financial agreements. The partners sought must provide the necessary financial support for the development of the TTM (time to market) plan. The Italian company prefers partners with expertise in developing innovative apps sector, or with expertise in similar and/or innovative products. TYPE AND ROLE OF JOINT VENTURE PARTNER *The company is looking also for partner in order to reach a cooperation in form of financial agreements. The company is looking for partners with expertise in app development or/and in apps marketing strategy. According to the partner sought, the TTM (time to market) could be modified. The joint venture partner must support the app development and its marketing.


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