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An Italian producer of high quality pasta seeks distributors and commercial agents for its products

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This South-Italy based company offers a great variety of pasta shapes. Its leading products are the Calabrian pasta formats. The company mainly sells its products in the Italian market but it has small market shares in several countries. The company aims to gain new market shares abroad. In order to achieve this goal it is looking for distributors and commercial agents for its products.

Offer description

The Italian company was established in 2002. Since the beginning of its activity, the company produces a great variety of traditional pasta shapes: "Cavatelli", "Strozzapreti", "Orecchiette", "Trofie", "Paccheri". These different shapes of pasta are products originating from different regions: for example, “paccheri” from Campania, “orecchiette” from Puglia… The products that distinguish the company's offer, however, are the shapes of Calabrian pasta: “maccheroni”, “maccherroncini” and “Calabrian cavatelli”. The production process joins technology and family traditions. In particular, in order to realize particular phases, the production process, unlike the ancient traditional manual method, foresees the use of particular machinery. However, the final product has the same characteristics of the traditional one. The company follows the entire process from the processing of raw materials to the packaging in standard packs of 500 grams. The production process is made up by several stages. The company uses durum wheat semolina and craftsmanship which allow to achieve the best qualitative results in the production of pasta. The production is carried out according to the HACCP regulations. The production is performed in four phases: the dough is made with water coming from the sources of nearby mountains and with prime quality durum wheat semolina. In the second phase, using small machinery, it is possible to obtain special shapes of pasta. The third phase is the one of the pasteurization and finally the fourth phase there is the desiccation in order to obtain a genuine product, prime quality and without changing the nutritional characteristics. The company mainly sells its products in Italy but it has small market shares in several countries: Germany, England, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland and the United States. The company wishes to expand its market share abroad and in order to achieve this target it seeks distributors and commercial agents specialized in the sale of gastronomic specialties.

Innovations and advantages

- The pasta production is characterized by the exclusive use of completely natural and nourishing ingredients with manufacturing methods that are innovative but at the same time traditional. - The process innovation achieved by using special machinery to speed up the production has had no impact on product quality and organoleptic qualities of the traditional product. - The company is established in a territory characterized by the presence of vineyards, olive groves, forests and abundant water, all ideal conditions to produce an excellent grain and therefore an excellent pasta. - The production is carried out according to the HACCP regulations. - The range of products includes original pasta shapes of different Italian regions. In addition, the company's offer includes traditional shapes of pasta of Calabria region. - The company has experience in international trade. In particulary it has cooperation partner in: Germany, England, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland and the United States. - The production process is environmentally friendly. In 2012 the company realized a solar cogeneration plant with a low environmental impact, which has enabled it to significantly reduce CO2 emissions into the environment. - Since it was founded, the company aims to add to the production distinctive elements. In order to achieve the goal, the company has recovered the old varieties of wheat grown in the past on the territory.

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07003002 Health food

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Area of partner's activity

TYPE OF PARTNER SOUGHT - The company is looking for distributors and commercial agents well established in the food sector. The partner sought should be well established in large retail chain, HO.RE.CA. sector and gourmet shops ROLE OF PARTNER SOUGHT - In order to build up new sales channels in several countries the partner sought should act as a distributors or agents to the above-mentioned sectors. The Italian company would distribute its product using its brand


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