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An Italian producer of fresh hot chillies is looking for distributors and commercial agents

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A South Italy based consortium engaged in the production of fresh hot chillies, in order to build up new international sales channels for its product, is looking for distributors and commercial agents. The products, because of the special characteristics of the crop area, present a peculiar organoleptic property. In fact, the chillies offered are characterized by a very strong spiciness.

Offer description

This South Italy based consortium is composed by agricultural producers engaged in the hot chillies cultivation. This legal entity was established in 2016, with the common aim of the consortium members to reach full economic exploitation of this particular product. In fact, as demonstrated by numerous scientific studies, these chillies, by virtue of the characteristics of the production area (climatic conditions, the orography and the composition of the territories), have a peculiar organoleptic property. More specifically, the particular climatic characteristics such as the high temperature, the water stress and the low humidity give the chillies a particular piquancy. The production area is therefore particularly suitable for the production of the chillies. The product is highly regarded in the local market so that it became part of the culture and the traditions of the place. The consortium, as stated, offers a product that presents a peculiar organoleptic property. Furthermore, it is an organic product that meets consumer demand interested in organic and sustainable products. For these features, the product can be widely appreciated in the food market of other countries and the consortium intends to build new sales channels abroad. In particular, the consortium is looking for distributors well experencied in the food sector that will buy and sell the chillies from the Italian consortium to fruits shops, delicatessen shops, grocery shop, producers of cosmetics and herbal products, food producer. The company, at the same time is willing to cooperate with international partners that are able to represent the particular characteristics of the product under agency agreements, in Europe as well in other countries. With regard to the production volume, the annual production of chillies amount to 5000/7000 quintals. The production is seasonal and covers the period from July to November.

Innovations and advantages

- The consortium plans an increase of the cultivated area in the coming years, in order to increase the production volume. - Thanks to the particular environmental characteristics of the cultivation area, the company offers particularly hot peppers. - It is a very healthy product (for example it is a digestive stimulant, a vasodilator, an anti-bacterial, an anti-inflammatory etc..).

Market application codes

07003002 Health food
09005 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products

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Area of partner's activity

DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENTS The Italian consortium is looking for distributor well established in the network of wholesalers and retailers of organic and healthy products. The distributors will sell the products to fruits shops, delicatessen shops, grocery shop. The products are not only used in cooking as a spice. Indeed the chillies are also used for the production of cosmetic or herbal products. Thus the consortium considers the partnership with distibutors that have sales channels with producers of cosmetics and herbal products. Last but not least the consortium is looking for food industries that use the chillies as raw material in order to obtain other food products, e.g. chopped chillies, pickled peppers, sauces or any other foodstuff that foresees the use of peppers among the ingredients. So, the Italian consortium is looking for distributors well established in the network of the food industries too. COMMERCIAL AGENCY AGREEMENTS The Italian consortium is looking for commercial agents well experienced in the food and delicatessen sectors. The partner sought must be able to represents the above-mentioned peculiar characteristics of this typical product. The commercial agents will represent the products to wholesalers, fruits shops, delicatessen shops, grocery shop, producers of cosmetics and herbal products and food industries.


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