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An Italian company that produces mechanical precision parts offers manufacturing or subcontracting services

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An Italian company specialized in mechanical precision parts is offering to be a subcontractor or to act as a manufacturer for precise metal parts used in different sectors. The company pays close attention to customer's need trying to be as more flexible as possible. The company is indeed very focused on how to face client requests from the simple to the complex one facing the market and following trends to overcome the negative conjuncture.

Offer description

This Italian company was founded in July 2001 in the South of Italy (Apulia) by four specialized technicians in the field of mechanical engineering. Thanks to the twenty years' experience, achieved in the mechanical field, the company's management team has focused its activity on mechanical precision parts. In fact they can turn, mill and grind any type of material and deliver complete parts according drawing ready to be assembled or used by their customers. They offer also their search and development for customers to support and find solution in new projects and or improvements in their production lines. Thanks to their technicians and worker expertise they are able to product a huge range of items. Established as an outsourcing company, nowadays the company is also able to support the client in the stage of design and streamlining of its components, either for executive single details (parts) or for assembled components. Works are executed using customer's draws or samples, with the support of their competence to improve the component features; they are also able to work all kind of materials from the metallic to the plastic ones and supply all the items with heat and surface treatments. Above all, they are specialized in the construction of spindles, calibres and assembled structures provided with all the necessary certificates. The delivered items are ready to be used. The Italian company is offering to be a subcontractor or to act as a manufacturer of precise metal parts for industrial machinery.

Innovations and advantages

In order to improve our organization and workflow, in April 2009 they moved in a modern and new plant in the centre of the mechanical industrial area of the city of Molfetta. The company is mainly known for the quality of its products. They believe that striving for quality and achieving excellence is really important to give their customer a product that leads the market for reliability and precision. They also believe that their staff courtesy and competence is the starting point to build a fiduciary relationship, the basis of "customer satisfaction". Since January 2005 they have adopted the ISO9001:2000 standards that they have maintained all these years, upgrading at ISO9001:2015.

Market application codes

08001012 Speciality metals (including processes for working with metals)

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Type of partner sought

The Italian company is looking for potential business partners who would be interested in the described services. For manufacturing agreements, the company is looking for companies to manufacture according to the individual needs of potential partners. For subcontracting agreements, the company is open to act as subcontractor for the companies to produce mechanical precision parts according to the contractual arrangements. The customers should be reliable and ready for a long-term cooperation and active in the fields of Industrial Supply.



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