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An Italian company that produces delicatessen obtained by processing the chestnuts and other local varieties of fruits/vegetables is looking for distributors and commercial agents for its products

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The South Italy based company is engaged in the manufacture of delicatessen obtained by the processing of local varieties of chestnuts and other specialities of fruits/vegetables. The range of products of the Italian company includes dried and fresh chestnuts, jams, pasta with chestnuts flour and tomato sauce. The Italian company is looking for trade intermediaries (distributors and commercial agents) in order to increase the international sales of its products.

Offer description

In 1960, this Italian family-company started with the marketing of the chestnuts, one of the fruits more present on the mountains of the territory where the firm is established. It has become specialist in working and selection of the chestnuts of the territory and so in 1996 it decided to focus on the manufacturing and processing of this fruit. During the years, the company has diversified its offer with products obtained by the processing of other local varieties of fruits: black cherries, strawberries, grapes, red onions, figs, carrots, lemons, oranges, apples, wild prunes, tomatoes. In particular, the range of products includes: fresh and dried chestnuts; chestnuts flour; baked chestnuts in syrup of rum, baked chestnuts in syrup of bergamot, baked chestnuts in chestnuts honey; baked chestnuts in balsamic vinegar; baked chestnuts in chocolate cream; roast chestnuts in cooked must of grape; chestnuts honey, baked chestnuts cream with dark chocolate; baked chestnuts cream; black cherry jam; strawberry grapes jam, red onions jam, figs jam, carrot and orange jam, apple jam, wild prunes jam; pasta with chestnuts flour; tomato sauce; organic dried chestnuts and organic chestnuts flour. A third organic product, a gluten free pasta obtained by processing the chestnut flour, will be added to the range of organic products in the next months. The company has a production area of 4000 square meters, divided into 3 main parts: •fresh area, which includes the calibration, sterilization, selection and packaging lines; •fried area, formed by 6 drying buildings with gradual release of air, optical sorting line and packing line; •transformed area, which includes the plant dedicated to the flour and the laboratory production of syrup, creams and the other specialities. The company distributes its products mainly in the Italian market. Recently, the company has begun to export to the European market. The company's strategy includes the strengthening of the foreign presence, through the launch of new partnerships with specialist importers in the field of chestnuts or specialty food. The company, in particular, is looking for trade intermediaries (distributors and commercial agent) well established in the specialty food sector.

Innovations and advantages

*The company has begun to export its products in European market. *All the products offered are available in numerous size and various types of packaging. *The company produces customized products according to the customer needs. *The production process is artisan. The process preserve the quality of the fruit. The products are preservative and die free. *The products have a long shelf life: 2/3 years. *The range of products includes organic gluten free products. *The products are obtained by processing exclusively local varieties of seasonal fruits.

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08001004 Food Processing

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07003002 Health food

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Area of partner's activity

DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENTS Regarding the role of distributors sought, the partner will buy, promote and distribute the products of the Italian company to wholesalers, retailers, gourmet food shops, restaurants. So it is mandatory that the partner sought has a good network of customers in the specialty food sector. The Italian company will evaluate agreements setting out a exclusive territory. COMMERCIAL AGENCY AGREEMENTS As for the commercial agency agreements, the Italian company is looking for a partner able to represent delicatessens and organic foods, well estabished in the specialty food sector. Even in in this case, the Italian company will consider exclusive territory agreements.


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