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An Italian company specialised in the production of a wide range of chocolate products and “confetti” (sugared almonds) is looking for distributors in Germany, Finland, Russia and Norway to expand its own business abroad.

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An Italian company produces:chocolate,sugared almonds (confetti),candied almonds, dragées,orange cubes covered with chocolate, coffee beans, hazelnuts, macaroons and pralines. In order to provide high quality products, the company uses protected designation of origin (PDO) or protected geographic indication (PGI) raw materials. The company is looking for distributors, specialised in the confectionery sector, to expand its own business abroad, in Germany, Finland, Russia and Norway.

Offer description

The Italian company has been working in the confectionery sector since 1979. It is specialized in the manufacturing and commercialization of any kind of chocolate and sugared almonds for all special events, with a wide range of flavours and shapes: - “confetti”, typical Italian candies which consist of sugar coated almonds used in Italy for ceremonies as weddings, baptisms, first communion, etc.; -candied almonds and chocolate; - chocolate eggs; -a wide range of chocolate; -“single-dose” chocolates (i.e. chocolates wrapped individually); - drageés, dried fruit covered with chocolate; - orange cubes covered with chocolate; - coffee beans covered with chocolate; -“single-dose” coffee beans (i.e. coffee beans wrapped individually); -“single-dose” hazelnut (i.e. hazelnuts wrapped individually); -chocolate bars; - a wide range of praline; -single-dose macaron (i.e. macarons wrapped individually). The company would like to expand its current business to other countries, such as Germany, Finland, Russia and Norway. For this reason, it is looking for distributors which could help the company to sell its products into their respective local markets.

Innovations and advantages

With its 35-year experience in the confectionery market, the company has acquired a deep know-how in the field of chocolate and sugared almonds manufacturing. The key issue for the company is the offer of a wide range of products in different flavours and shapes, suitable for every kind of event. In order to provide high quality confectionery products, the company uses selected ingredients, manufactured according to traditional recipes and preserving the traditional confectionery production. The chocolate comes from carefully selected plantations and the company uses pure chocolate, cocoa mass and cocoa butter without added fats. It works chocolate using both modern machineries and the best artisanal chocolate art, always respecting the strictest hygienic standards. Sugared almonds are produced according to the ancient Italian tradition, using only PDO (protected designation of origin) certified almonds coming from the Sicily region. Dragées contain only the finest dark, milk or white chocolate without additives or preservatives. Depending on flavours, the company adds PGI (protected geographic indication) certified hazeluts harvested in the Piemonte region or Sicilian oranges. At the moment, the company is launching a new Fairtrade and Organic Chocolate Line, to promote fair trading practices. Its aim is to contribute to the creation of better working conditions, social development and environment protection.

Market application codes

07003002 Health food
09003004 Distributors, imports and wholesalers

Preferred countries

Russian Federation

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Area of partner's activity

The company is looking for distributors abroad, especially in Germany, Finland, Russia and Norway. The partner sought should be a reliable distributor, with a strong experience in confectionery sector and a good knowledge in the HO.RE.CA. sector and gourmet shops.


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